Is your home bursting at the seams? Living in this day and age, and leading a such an active lifestyle can be expensive. People are taking a more minimalist approach as there are so many innovative ideas and create designs available.

The best way to convert small spaces into usable areas is to minimise clutter and maximise usable surfaces. However, it can be challenging to enjoy the life you want without creating clutter and chaos in the safe space of your home.

Don’t let a lack of space in your home hold you back from living the life you want to live – especially if the space is being occupied by clutter. Believe it or not, it is possible to create a relaxed and spacious environment without having to get rid of your necessities or items that are taking your small spaces away from you.

There are a number of solutions to declutter your home and maximise your space – no matter how small it may be.

Tips to declutter

  1. Set objectives for decluttering. Take control of the small spaces in your home and open them up in order to create more space.
  2. Develop a sorting system by dividing all of the possessions you have into different categories. These categories of contents can be used to determine what stays, what goes, what can be donated or what must be safely stored in a storage unit.
  3. Start with one space at time and only move onto the next area once you have fully decluttered a space.
  4. After you’ve decluttered an area, use a damp cloth to wipe area where dust has been accumulating over many months. This will help your home feel cleaner and fresher – immediately opening up space.
  5. Be strict in getting rid of clutter that needs to be thrown away or is no longer valuable to you (if you haven’t used/worn it in three months – get rid of it).

Decluttering your home will open up space, and change the entire atmosphere of your home. Self storage operates as a highly effective extension of your home, playing a vital role in storing the clutter that you do not want to get rid of yet.

Take advantage of self storage

Self storage has proved to be an incredibly powerful solution and helps make an overwhelmed room feel relaxed and open. Self storage allows you to make the most of your small spaces, offering the ideal solution to store bulky items, maximise in-house space and allowing you to showcase true beauty and comfort of your home.

Self storage is an easy and affordable investment for households wanting to maximize space in the home. This way you’ll able to unclutter your space without having to get rid of your belongings for good. Self storage facilities offer flexibility, convenience, and security. Most of these facilities are accessible 24/7. Make sure you find a reputable self storage facility which is well-located and offers a variety of unit sizes and flexible leases.

Creating space in your smaller home environment has never been easier, and with flexible store hours and easy accessibility, there is nothing holding you back from accessing your precious belongings when needed.

Claire Preece