Bar stools were initially quite limited to use only in bars, restaurants, and resorts. However, bar tools are becoming much more commonly used in the home. Bar stools in the home provide endless accessibility, and they can quite flawlessly bring together the decor in the home. They can be used to create a casual dining and ‘hang out’ space in the kitchen, or can be used with a tall dining table to really stand out and bring a unique look to the room. They can even be used in games rooms, playrooms, offices at home, and of course, a bar in the home if you have one.

Bar stools are not only an item of furniture in the home that can look good, but they have a range of uses and benefits. So before you think about adding bar stools into your home and looking at a clearance bar stools sale, you need to know how they can benefit you and your home. Here are some things to think about.


  • When it comes to bar stools, you don’t have to stick to a specific decoration or style. You can add variety with the stools that you might order to create an eclectic style. If this sounds like something you want in the home, then looking for clearance bar stools sale can be a good idea, as there may be some bar stools for sale that are in limited numbers.
  • Bar stools can be easily customized. Most of them have foam cushions at the base and the back, and some may have armrests. If you are quite into DIY home decor, then you could easily reupholster them to get them in the design, style, and colour that will fit in your home.
  • Being seats that are a little higher than normal, bar stools tend to have foot stools. This can help to get onto the seat more easily, as well as be a place to put your feet and rest them, supporting your feet. Bar stools are much more comfortable than you might initially think.
  • If you have a family in the home who are active and all over the house, looking out for bar stools that swivel can be a good idea. If a bar stool has a rotatory base, then it can spin around and face all different directions, which can be fun for children and teens, as well as make entertaining others at home more enjoyable for all.


  • The base of many bar stools can be adjusted to change and then fix the height. This means that all members of the family and people in the home can adjust the height of their chair. If you entertain a lot or have family members in the house all varying in heights, then it can be helpful to make sure that everyone feels comfortable. It can make a social situation much more comfortable if you have the right height and posture for a bar stool. It can also be more comfortable when designed this way, for more relaxed social occasions.
  • Bar stools are pretty affordable to buy. If you are looking to update your home in this way, then the good news is that buying bar stools won’t break the bank. They come in a range of designs and materials too, so you can choose the ones that best suit your budget.
  • Bar stools are not something that you see in every home. As a result, they can be a real talking point and make staying in at home an event, and much more like a bar when having friends around. Staying in is the new going out!
  • When choosing the bar stool that is right for you, you need to think about the material, to ensure that you are choosing one that is built to last. Wooden bar stools, for example, can add a level of comfort, as well as lasting for a long time, purely because of how they are designed. Bar stools, especially wooden and metal bar stools are not flimsy and are certainly built to last.

Bar stools can look good in the home, adding style and something unique to any room. They can come in a range of materials, from wood, plastic, and metal. Some materials will be sturdier than others, so that is definitely something to consider too. If you are looking to update a room like a kitchen with an extended worktop to create a breakfast bar, then bar stools can be the ideal solution.

Sam Allcock