One of the most profitable and simple businesses that has flourished in recent years (although it has always been there) is the sale of property. There are those who live exclusively from it. Investing in a home is a business that can occur in three levels.

That you are a huge company (a real estate or a construction company), an individual and you do not work on the project, or that you are an individual or small company and, in addition, you take care of the conditioning of the property (obtaining a greater benefit). If you are interested, here are 3 tips to invest in a home and succeed.

Investing in a home: how to do it to gain profit

Let’s see 3 essential points to help you invest wisely in a home and have the maximum benefit.

Choose the type of buyer

Or what is the same, decide where you want your earnings to come from. It is important to know to whom you want to sell (or rent) the home in which you are going to invest. Of course, we are not talking about a particular person but the type of person themselves: their social class, their purchasing power, their main need, the extra services that may interest them, the reasons for buying or renting …

It is not the same to focus your business on buying a simple home to make a small profit and repeat the operation than to invest a much higher amount with the intention of selling it to someone for whom money is not a problem.

You have to decide what kind of deal you want to make, small successive investments or a large investment with a large profit. Only in this way will you be able to make the right decisions on the rest of the points and on many more.

Find a place where the investment is small

If you don’t care where to buy your home, look for a profitable municipality. At this point you have to take into account the following:

The value of the house in the same place: It is important to choose those cities in which a large profit margin is foreseen, that is, in which the house has not yet risen too much in price; thus, your investment will be less.

The cost of conditioning: It is also necessary to bet on a place where putting the house to point is economical. This is more difficult and the same service can vary a lot even within the same city so it will be difficult to determine.

For example, the comprehensive reforms in Alicante, as well as the city itself, are quite inexpensive, especially in relation to the leisure, tourist, educational and employment offer that it offers. Other places where it may be more profitable to invest in a home are Cádiz, Granada, Ciudad Real or Girona (taking these two aspects into account).

In any case, the important thing is to weigh both aspects together (online budgets can help you a lot) and determine the cost that a similar project would have in several cities.

Choose an attractive place

As we have already anticipated, choosing a place that is attractive to the potential buyer (or guest) is essential. What good is making a small investment if you are never going to make a profit?

Thus, it is necessary to choose places where, in addition to being cheap to buy and renovate, it is also interesting to live, spend long periods of time or simply have a good vacation.

This is also linked to the first point. When you choose the type of buyer you want, you also have to choose what need you are going to satisfy; A place with a mild climate for you to buy your second home? A busy coastal city where holidays are a delight? A city with a growing job market?


When setting up any business there are a number of points that must be taken into account. Some are common to all or the majority and others are specific depending on the tasks you are going to perform. We tell you today what you need to open a real estate.

Surely this idea is coming to mind today, as the recovery of the sector makes it possible. Therefore, knowing these steps will surely help you to get an idea of ​​how to start your business adventure.

The 5 steps to open a real estate; Essential!

Let’s see what are the 5 most important points when embarking on the real estate business.

Develop a Business Plan

The Business Plan is a document in which, essentially, the viability of the project to be undertaken is discussed. A SWOT analysis of potential clients is made, expenses, approximate benefits, investments and many other factors are taken into account and detailed to get an exhaustive document that talks about everything that can happen with your future real estate agency including Sky marketing .

Obtain the corresponding license and permits

Another of the essential things you need to open a real estate is to obtain the license of the segment. In addition, you will be asked to meet some requirements.

The legal requirements in each country differ, so it is best, at a point as important as this, to go to a professional or directly to the competent public body to tell us, clearly, what we must achieve and present and how.

Choose a good location

Depending on the type of properties you want to sell or rent, it will be important to choose one location or another.

In any case, access to your agency must be easy and it must be located in a place with a large influx of people. Other secondary points are having private parking or that the area has sufficient public parking, only choosing a place with direct competition if we can improve its strengths (prices, extra services, etc.).

Design a marketing strategy

Today, with such voracious competition, it is impossible to be successful without a well thought-out marketing plan. Not only do we talk about life-long sales strategies, but it is also necessary to have a good presence in the networks that helps us to be ahead of our competitors in all aspects that we can imagine.

Have an adequate real estate CRM

Organization is essential in a business where so much information is handled. For this reason, it is not strange to think of having a real estate program that allows us to have clear and orderly access to all the information on clients, properties, our own agenda, emails and a long etcetera.

Keep these tips like gold on cloth; since along with other requirements to open a real estate, they will help you when you decide to set up your real estate business. Good luck!


E-Social: Social media management service for real estate.

Still not on social media? Do you have a profile, but you don’t know how to manage it correctly? Are you looking to reach more audiences?

If you often ask yourself any of these questions, or you simply do not have the time you would like to dedicate to social networks, count on us! From E-real estate we offer you our E-Social service: management of social networks for real estate company Tajarat Properties in a professional way.

Why be on social media?

Social networks are a great means to achieve an end (or more than one): gain reach, visibility and improve your brand image.

Taking into account that many of your clients are already present in at least one social network and that millions of people use this tool every day, why not take advantage of it?

The possibilities and advantages of making use of them are multiple.

Reach potential customers. More chances of being known, both your company and your services.

Offer new services, or inform your clients of the news regarding outstanding homes.

Personalized attention to your clients; you will be able to solve their doubts through the chat quickly, establish debates, and listen to their suggestions and opinions… In this way you will be able to improve your service and customer treatment for the future, and find out what they want, need or are interested in.

Offer diverse content: news from the real estate sector, tips, offers and promotions, share your corporate or real estate videos.

Improve your positioning. Everything influences when it comes to positioning your website, and this Google knows. By sharing content from your page on social networks, you make it known and allow thousands of users to visit it. Therefore, you will also increase web traffic.

Create paid campaigns. You will be able to reach beyond your followers, segmenting which audience your ad wants to reach.

Curious this of social networks for real estate

That said, there is no doubt that today social networks are a great ally that contributes to the success of our company. Proof of this is that large companies echo them to promote branding and therefore strengthen their brands, and since neither your brand, nor ours, are nor will they be less than that of those large companies, we have believed opportune to present this …

Social media management service for real estate

First, we will need to know what profiles you have, how they are managed and what are the objectives that interest you the most. If you are not clear, no problem! We advise you and help you define them, giving you the best solution to achieve them.

Once your presence in networks has been analysed, we carry out a personalized strategy for your real estate and create profiles in those social networks where your potential clients have more presence.

Sam Allcock