Why not add a eco-friendly fireplace from to add that extra cosy and warm feeling to your new home while being environmentally friendly at the same time? Maybe you just bought a new house? And you need easy steps to make it feel like your new home? And maybe you also want eco-friendly solutions and alternatives when renovating or decorating your new home? Then read along here and be inspired!

Energy-saving bio ethanol fire

A bio ethanol fireplace is an eco-friendly and energy-saving alternative to a traditional fireplace and wood-burning stove. A bioethanol fire doesn’t require much. It doesn’t need a chimney or vent, it doesn’t emit either smoke, soot, or ash, and it doesn’t require much cleaning either. A bioethanol fire runs on the fuel called bio ethanol fuel. The fuel is simply poured into the bioethanol burner, and the biofuel fireplace creates beautiful flames. This means that during burning only CO2, heat, and evaporated water are emitted.

The bioethanol fuel is eco-friendly as it is produced mainly from the residues of corn, potatoes, or sugar cane. A bioethanol fireplace doesn’t need electricity and simply needs to be placed wherever you want it. This also means that it is low-maintenance and very easy to clean.

Bio ethanol fireplace as part of your renovation and DIY projects

If you’re thinking about making improvements to your home, or you have a DIY project in mind, it might be a good idea to include a bioethanol fire as part of your plans as well. Perhaps you have a small DIY project in mind and only need a small bioethanol fire, or perhaps you’re thinking about a bigger renovation project for your home? It can be a great way to make you love your home even more by adding an ethanol fire, and it doesn’t have to be very costly!

Bio ethanol fires come in many different sizes, designs, shapes, and colours. They come in different models as well – a wall mounted fireplace, ceiling mounted bioethanol fireplace or freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces. Maybe a wall mounted fireplace is the best solution for your project?

A wall mounted bio ethanol fireplace comes in many beautiful variants, and they come in a variety of designs and furnishing possibilities. Wall mounted bioethanol fires can easily be mounted on the wall, and should you change your mind about where you want it to be, it can easily be taken down and mounted on another wall. It’s also possible to install a wall mounted fireplace under a TV and create a media wall. You can add an ethanol fire into your existing bookcase, and you can choose to have multiple sides open, so you can enjoy the bio ethanol fireplace flames from multiple sides while watching your favourite TV show at the same time. Perhaps you’re looking for your new favourite TV show? Take a look at this guide here.

A bioethanol fire is a great way to add warmth and cosiness to your home, but it’s important to say that an ethanol fire does not radiate heat the same way a traditional fireplace and wood burning stove radiates heat. But a bioethanol fire will increase the room temperature by a few degrees.

Claire Preece