When you first move into your new house, there is always a settling in period. You will be very familiar with what the house looks like, of course. It will have caught your eye on the listing, it will have charmed you on your first look around, and you will have agonised over whether its little problems were big enough to make you think about looking for something else. But if it won you over and you were successful in buying it (no mean feat given what the UK housing market is like right now), then you will have a very clear of what your new house is like. What you won’t know yet is what it looks and feels like with you in it.

Making a new house your home is a delicate process as you adjust your expectations to reality, make the most of any hidden opportunities, and put your identity onto this blank canvas. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Unpack As Quickly As Possible

Given how stressful the process of buying a new home, selling your old one and moving in can be, it can be tempting to leave everything in boxes for a little while as you relax and decompress.

However, the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to make the most of this blank slate you’re working with. There’s no surer way to have a room become a “box room” than procrastination. Get everything unpacked as quickly as you can so you know exactly what you’re working with.

Buy Some New Furniture

When we move house, sometimes we end up inheriting a fair amount of the previous owner’s choices. The paint on the walls, the room allocation, sometimes even the furniture. We also bring an awful lot of ourselves with us every time. That’s not a bad thing in principle, but what looked great in your old place might not fit the energy of your new home.

Nothing cements your new place as being definitively yours like new furniture bought specifically for it. A beautiful white wardrobe or chest of drawers is a bright and beautiful way to put your stamp on a new home. Check out these white furniture pieces from White Tree Furniture, which offers an incredible range of different options for every part of your home.

Invite Friends Over

Now, here’s something that wouldn’t have been possible a couple of months ago, but there really is no better way to feel like you’ve truly moved in than inviting some friends or family over to see you in your new space. The UK’s latest restrictions lifting allowed us to have people in our homes for the first time in months and it has been such a blessing for us all.

It will also give you an incentive to think about how you want to lay out rooms where you might be entertaining. Does the sofa work better there, or in a different room? Would moving that dining table give you more space? And is that fridge really big enough?

Claire Preece