At the current time of writing, coronavirus covid 19 is still spreading throughout the world and forcing millions of us to work from home where possible. The issue most of us have is the space in our homes was not designed to be an office, and we are faced with endless distractions around our homes such as the TV and our bed calling us back in those dark cold mornings.

Rather than start looking for a new home, or adding an extension to your current house, a garden room may be the perfect solution. Garden offices have been increasingly popular over the last few years but now they make even more sense than ever. Trying to get a quiet room in the house with a family can be a challenge and a frustration at times.

These outside garden buildings can be fully furnished with insulation and power sockets to complete your own home office, that still gets you out of the house! They are certainly cheaper than extending your home, and can often be paid over a competitive or even 0 percent interest payment plan depending on the company you choose.

All you’ll need is a good desk, an office chair and a good coffee machine to keep you going through your work day! You’ll probably want a mini fridge of some sort too for any milk and snacks you plan on using throughout the day. An added bonus with creating your office in your garden, is the beautiful views you wouldn’t normally get in a corporate building. Position your garden building to face out towards your garden, plants and trees for the added peace and harmony that comes with working outside a busy office block.

The world is forever changing, and this epidemic has turned life as we know it upside down and will continue to change the way we live and work, well into the future. The best part about a garden building is once the world does go back to the new-normal then you still have a gorgeous garden building that can be repurposed for many other uses.

Once you decide you’re done with your home office, you can make room for things like a hot tub for those endless summer nights with your friends, or even better those cold winter nights sitting in a warm bubbling tub. Add a projector screen with your favourite movie and you’ve got hours of entertainment!

If the hot tub isn’t your kind of vibe, you could try turning it into a games room (beware you will now become the favourite family member to all the kids). A comfy sofa, tv and a games console will keep them busy for hours! Why not try a pool table if you want a break from all the screens we spend most of our time behind. Most garden buildings come with more than enough space for a game of pool and some even have bifold doors that open up onto the garden for those warmer summer months.

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