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During winter, the temperatures drop, days get shorter, and the heating bills increase as you try hard to make sure your own home remains cozy and warm. But you might save a lot of money on energy bills while keeping your house warm.

Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t know how to go about it. This is why experts have suggested the following ways to help you make your home warmer in winter:

1.      Set Up the Best Programmable Thermostat

A good programmable thermostat will enable you to preset the temperatures during the day, as you wouldn’t want to keep your house at 70 degrees throughout the day.

Some units may even store up to around four temperature settings every day. For instance, this can be in the morning, daytime, evening, and nighttime. All the units come with a manual override switch.

2.      Install a Heat Pump

As far as heating your home is concerned, most homeowners can’t tell the difference between a boiler and a furnace. They are just content and happy to live in a warm house.

It is easy to forget the details when you have a cozy home and utility bills are manageable. However, when upgrading or replacing your home’s heating system, you must be conversant with all the heating options.

If you are currently using a furnace, replace it with the right heat pump. Today, heat pumps Wales have become popular systems. They are cheaper than electric or gas furnaces.

3.      Use Curtains

Take advantage of the heat that comes from the sun because it is free. So open your curtains and allow the sunrays to enter at daytime to leverage this heat.

At nightfall, shut the curtains to serve as a layer of insulation as well as keep every room in the house warm. You should as well ensure you don’t have gaps or leaks to retain the warm air in the house and keep the cold air out. This will help to minimize condensation too.

4.      Close the Windows

Cold air may easily sip through the windows at any time. At the same time, the house’s warm air will leak through opened windows and cracks.

Even when it is sunny, the air can make your home colder than it actually is. So make sure you close your windows properly whenever you are at home.

5.      Change the Settings of Your Ceiling Fan

Most assume that a ceiling fan is only used during warmer months to cool their homes. However, a ceiling fan can also be a perfect option for your home during winter.

During summer, the blades of your ceiling fan turn clockwise and use a wind chill factor to keep your home cool. But in winter, ensure you reverse the switch to change things. This way, your fan will push warm air below or above the blades.

The Takeaway

During winter, your home needs to be a haven from the cold temperatures. It is possible to increase the temperature of a home by raising it. But this may lead to higher costs of energy. So if you are looking to minimize heating costs, consider these ways.

Claire Preece