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The Steinbridge Group acquires, develops and repositions properties in transitioning submarkets in the United States. A leading privately held real estate investment, development and asset management company, the Steinbridge Group is based in Philadelphia and New York and led by committed and experienced real estate and investment professionals.

In June 2023, the Steinbridge Group launched a program designed to help boost homeownership in Philadelphia, with plans to extend it nationwide. Offered through PNC Bank, the initiative was designed to help families across the ‘City of Brotherly Love’, with PNC Bank providing dedicated loan advisors at branches to help homebuyers secure mortgage financing. In addition, PNC Bank also provides prospective homebuyers with access to down payment assistance, financial education, and other financial support.

Tawan Davis, who founded the Steinbridge Group and continues to serve the company as CEO, explained that a home is 30% to 40% of the net worth of an average American family, making it their most valuable asset. Mr Davis reflected that decreasing homeownership had contributed to a pervasive broadening of the wealth gap in the United States, confirming that the Steinbridge Group was proud to work with PNC Bank to close that gap and ensure that hardworking-class families have the support and tools they need to buy quality, attainable homes. He also revealed that the Steinbridge Group aims to expand the program nationally, providing similar opportunities for families across the country.

Fierce Reality Corp is an African American, woman-owned real estate brokerage based in Philadelphia led by Deborah Spence. The Steinbridge Group announced that it would be working with Fierce Reality Corp, with Deborah Spence serving as the broker under the initiative, identifying prospective homebuyers to participate in the program.

As PNC Bank Executive Vice President Travis Branch explained, homeownership is a critical step in achieving financial wellness. Mr Branch said that as a national main street bank, PNC was committed to delivering solutions that help clients to achieve their financial goals.

The Steinbridge Group is an impact investment company that is currently advancing its strategies to purchase and renovate homes to let and sell to working-class families in major cities across the United States. The company is currently on track to invest more than $2 billion, enabling it to assemble a portfolio of several thousand single-family rental and build-to-rent properties.

In recent years, the Steinbridge Group has initiated an investment strategy to purchase and renovate homes and lease them to working-class families across major US cities. The Steinbridge Group team includes leading real estate professionals with a proven track record and billions of dollars of acquisition, investing, construction, development, leasing, and asset management experience.

The Steinbridge Group is a privately owned real estate asset management and investment company with offices in Philadelphia and New York. The company seeks outsized, risk-adjusted returns via structured property repositionings and developments across pivoting submarkets of growing metros. Led by founding partner and CEO Tawan Davis, a seasoned professional with more than $7.5 billion in real estate experience, the Steinbridge Group partners with leading financial and community institutions to redevelop high-quality homes and impact families across the United States.

Through his work with the Steinbridge Group, Tawan Davis is committed to delivering a long-term solution to acute shortages of attainable, family-friendly properties in major cities across America today. As Tawan Davis suggests, this is where the jobs are, and people who work in and around cities should be able to live there. Postal workers, firefighters, and teachers are among those most affected by rising housing prices. Tawan Davis and his company focus on offering attainable, high-quality properties to help ease the current housing crisis that is impacting many American cities.

Claire Preece