According to a recent report, as many as 55% of commercial property professionals have noted a growth in demand for sustainable buildings. Across the business landscape, sustainability is one of the most important factors to consider, whether that’s the sustainability of the products, services, or the very buildings that they work within.

When it comes to commercial properties, this isn’t usually done through a big power move, such as gardens on the rooftops or solar-powered computers – not yet, anyway! Most of the time, a green-orientated commercial building is achieved in the details: adjusted lighting, air conditioning, green supplies, or even windows.

Speaking of windows, electric window openers have been one of the more popular eco-friendly options over the last few years – not least because of all the other benefits that they offer a commercial space. With this in mind, let’s look into why electric windows are a great choice for green-orientated offices and what other benefits they offer:

Controlling The Climate Automatically

The reason commercial buildings have proved to be a burden on the environment is because of how big the spaces actually are. Commercial buildings are large and spacious, which means more power consumption goes into controlling their temperature – whether that’s through artificial heating or artificial cooling.

Not only does this rack up energy costs, but the energy consumption is damaging to the environment, which is a big problem when you consider how easily it can be avoided. With electric window openers, commercial buildings have a way to accurately control the climate within the building, as they have the ability to be synced with smart tech that tells them what the temperature is.

In this way, if the climate is too warm, the windows can open to allow a natural draught. If the climate is too cold, the windows will be notified and automatically close to retain the heat. With this kind of technology, the usage of air conditioning or artificial heating can be greatly reduced, subsequently cutting down on the property’s negative environmental impact.

Other Benefits Of Electric Window Openers

The ability to control the climate is not only an eco-friendly benefit but also a practical one. Studies have shown that being too hot or too cold can easily affect office focus and productivity, and a considerable amount of time in the day can go into controlling the temperature, opening and closing windows, and sometimes even risking injury by reaching for windows at a height.

With automated and remote window openers, all that time can be spent on the work at hand, and with productivity lifted through a more comfortable, stable temperature.

As well as this, electric windows can make a property more secure. If they are placed on an automatic timer, all of the windows can close at the end of the working day, which avoids the possibility of intruders gaining free access. According to a recent study, the second most popular entry point for intruders are windows that have been left open, so buildings can be protected, more productive, and greener as a result of this simple installation!

Claire Preece