An experienced professional speaker, business mentor and angel investor, Mark Lyttleton has stakes in several early-stage companies, with a particular focus on businesses created to have a positive planetary impact. This article will look at Ohm Energie, a company poised to become France’s leading green energy supplier.

With rates up to 30% cheaper than its contemporaries, Ohm Energie provides consumers with green electricity produced in their region by independent producers, planting trees when customers use gas to offset their carbon footprint. The energy provider enables consumers to lower their bills by presenting them with the optimal offer, tariff option and power solution for their household, while benefiting the environment at the same time.

The energy transition is part of Ohm Energie’s DNA. The company supports independent energy producers across France, helping them to participate in local development of green energy. Ohmy, the platform’s AI energy coach, analyses each household’s consumption and provides relevant advice for saving energy, benefiting consumers by lowering their bills while providing considerable environmental benefits.

Recognising that one household’s consumption could be very different to that of their neighbours, Ohm Energie adapts to the unique needs of each customer, presenting the most relevant offers for them. Ohm Energie’s electricity smart meter, Linky, helps users to stay connected, serving as an essential ally in optimising energy consumption thanks to an array of smart features.

Meanwhile, Gazpar tracks customers’ gas consumption day and night. Just as advanced as its cousin Linky, Gazpar prevents gas from going into a vacuum, eliminating unpleasant surprises by ensuring that customers can track their consumption and control their energy bills.

Ohm Energie also gives customers the opportunity to install solar panels at their property, enabling them to produce their own energy and receive one year of free electricity subscription. By installing solar panels, customers can save up to 70% on their energy bill, with Ohm Energie’s free simulator supporting homeowners in creating their installation.

Ohm Energie customers can install solar panels at their property in four easy steps:

  • Calculate installation costs and potential future savings for free
  • Schedule an appointment for a technical visit and assessment of the project
  • Receive a quote tailored to the homeowner’s unique situation and needs
  • Leave it to Ohm Energie to take care of the administrative procedures and the construction site

Ohm Energie helps customers who install solar panels to save up to 70% on their bill by enabling them to shift consumption during their production peaks to maximize their savings. In addition, with a free electricity subscription for one year, Ohm Energie encourages homeowners to consume in an ecologically responsible way, while enhancing their property’s value at the same time.

Claire Preece