Your office is essential for productivity. Whether you want an office for yourself or a small start-up to work in, or if you’re looking for a larger space for a bigger business, it’s important that your design the right space. This can boost morale and make work more efficient. Below, we explore how you can design your own office space.


Location is crucial for your business. This can help you attract talent, and it can affect how quickly you can get to meetings and talk to clients. If you’re providing online services and have a hybrid working culture, it might be worth setting up an office on the outskirts. This can help you save money without worrying about a difficult commute for your employees. However, if you need your team to be present every day and ready to meet clients, you might need to be closer to the city centre or near to transport links.

Structural Design

You should try and design the structure of your office so that it works well for you and your employees. If you want to do this, it might be worth getting support from an experienced architect to help turn your hopes for an office into a rigorous plan. However, you will need to do your research and find the best architect you can. You don’t want to end up being let down by your architect and being forced to make a professional negligence claim.


You need to ensure the office is the right size for your business as well. If you’re a start-up, it doesn’t make sense to rent out a massive office space that will separate you and your employees. Instead, you should be searching for something smaller that promotes coordination. But if you’re running a larger enterprise, you’ll need a space that can comfortably house all your employees.

Space Plan

You should also consider your space plan in advance. Ideally, the reception will be at the entrance to your space. Meanwhile, your working areas should have access to plenty of natural light to keep your employees focused and happy. By designing your space plan carefully, you can get the most out of your office.

Your office space represents the values and ethos of your company. And by following the guide above, you should be ready to design a space that does your business justice.

Claire Preece