Certified electricians can practically make any home significantly more energy efficient, but homeowners need to know how they can do so first. After all, they are the ones who will be calling them in for making the necessary changes and paying the bills afterwards! With awareness in focus. An EICR certificate is required and verifies the safety and compliance of electrical installations in a property.

Electricians Can Help You Maximise Solar Energy

Depending on which part of the United Kingdom you live in, home based solar panels will vary in their energy generation capacity, as well as in how long it might take for the installations to pay for themselves in energy savings. That being said, even in Scotland, which is the lowest on this index, energy generation and consequent reduction of energy bills is a guaranteed fact.

On the other hand, England is in the best geographical location within the UK for maximising solar panel installations. The following would be the top five cities where installing a solar panel system on a home’s roof can help homeowners save and earn the most:

  • Brighton and Hove
  • Chichester
  • Plymouth
  • Swansea
  • Truro

Now, the role of electricians in these installations is quite crucial because:

  • They will be the ones installing your solar panels.
  • Electricians will be able to help you maximise your investment by suggesting the PV array’s best location and adequate size in respect to your property
  • Most of us have little to no idea regarding a solar array’s manufacturer, model, capacity, etc. but electricians do.

Electricians Can Help Homeowners Acquire the Mandatory EICR

The electrical installation condition report (EICR) is an assessment that reports the conditions of a residential/commercial/industrial building’s electricals in terms of safety primarily. However, it can also include a complete report regarding how energy efficient a building is.

You can find more information about EICR on the Trade Facilities Services website. Their site answers all questions that homeowners, landlords and business owners may have about the EICR. Even more importantly, they are certified to conduct the necessary testing and provide the EICR which every property owner in the UK must have if they are to keep their real estate legally compliant with the new standards set in 2020.

Electricians Can Turn Your House/Apartment into a Smart, Green Home

Most of us are well aware that smart thermostats, smart lights and various smart electrical appliances exist, but very few of us have an actual idea about:

  • How to use them in the most energy-efficient manner
  • If what we are planning to buy is compatible with what we already have
  • The electrical specifications which would allow us to choose the most ideal smart gadgets, as would be suitable for the concerned property.

Electricians help homeowners and business owners alike in maximising their budgets for a smarter, greener home/office makeover.

Of course, energy efficiency is also about insulation, and given the kind of insulation a home requires, you may need other types of help as well. For example, gaps in the attic should be checked and repaired by a roofer. For the most part though, an electrician is going to be your most important technician if your goal is to make the property (electrically) safer and more energy efficient.

Claire Preece