If you are planning a kitchen remodelling, you do not have to spend a fortune. All you need is our kitchen remodel ideas on a budget. If you have got over 30 or 40 thousands of pounds, you could buy some luxury SUV or pay for one year at Oxford. That’s right. Complete kitchen remodels costs that much. Fortunately, you can always opt for kitchen remodel ideas by Building Company Kent on a tight budget.

Top 8 Kitchen Remodel Ideas On A Budget

  1. Keep your cabinets, but change their doors

Perhaps you already know, new kitchen cabinets are a big part of the average kitchen remodel. You need to spend 30%-35% of the entire remodelling budget on them. But to be honest, most of the time, all you have to do is to update the fronts. After all, most cost effective way to liven up your kitchen is to find a direct manufacturer and buy only the fronts.

  1. Instead of replacing outdated tile, stencil them

Tearing out and replacing old tile with new ones can get pretty expensive. To cut the expenses, just pain it. Tile stencils are easy to find, and it only requires some preparation to get your tiles ready.

  1. Lighten it up

Under cabinet lighting, mini pendants, ceiling lights, and any other make for easy kitchen makeovers solutions. You can even add control with dimmers.

  1. Pain the kitchen floor instead of replacing it

If your kitchen has an old, worn out floor, try using some paint. It might seem a shame to do that, but it is up to you. Professional refinish can cost way more, yet the results are uncomparable when it comes to aesthetic, functionality, and longevity. However, painting the kitchen floor is one of the most budget friendly kitchen updates you can choose.

  1. Frame your fridge

Flank your old traditional refrigerator with panels if you want to achieve a clean profile and give your kitchen focal point that reflects high end and built in model.

  1. Add a breakfast nook

One of the best things you can advantage when you hire a kitchen fitters is that kitchen remodel does not have to cost a lot of money or space. You can transform your empty neglected corner of the kitchen into a very convenient and functional lunge worthy nook. All you need is bargain table, bench seating and a couple of cosy plush throw pillows to create an inviting spot.

  1. Customized storage

Smart kitchen makeover makes the most of your storage capacity. You can enhance and customize your existing cabinets with sort of pull out tray.

  1. Sliding pantry door

Tuck in your ingredients and snacks at your fingertips. Reach them easier thanks to the pantry with a barn style sliding door. It is the most inexpensive and creative solution.

Final words

Whether you want to add function to your kitchen or want to renovate a small or huge space, these valuable update ideas might help you get a kitchen you dreamed of.

Sam Allcock