Sometimes when we redecorate or remodel our homes, we think up some fun, quirky ideas to really help the place stand out, only to find ourselves backtracking and deciding to just stick to safer plans.

But for those who want to bravely attempt something a bit more exciting and unique, there are many options available. Whether you’re looking to redo your kitchen or find a use for a spare room, we’ve put together some of our favourite renovation ideas to help you find a way to add that little something extra to your home.

Go Bold

Sometimes all a room needs to bring it back to life is a new coat of paint. However, it’s quite common for people to choose the same colours or merely change the shade slightly when refreshing a room like this. But if you really want to give a kick of life to a room, go for a bold colour choice.

This doesn’t even have to be a bright colour either. Blacks and other dark colours are extremely popular today and work perfectly in rooms that get a lot of natural light. Combine this with lighter highlight colours such as a white mantlepiece or picture rail, and you’re going to be getting gasps from visitors when they enter the room.

Create A Quirky Bar

If you’re wracking your brains to figure out what to do with that spare room in your home, then why not turn it into the perfect room to entertain guests? Converting a room into a small, personal bar, complete with comfortable seating and added extras like a jukebox or record player, and pool tables or arcade machines is a really great use of space. In fact, you may want to explore these popular arcade machines from the Arcade Depot. They have everything from table machines to classic vertical machines, with games ranging from Pac Man to space invaders and many others to hit your need for nostalgia.

Better Windows

Natural light is another brilliant way to boost the appearance of your home, giving gloomy rooms a much more vibrant appearance. Combined with mirrors throughout your home, you can turn even the darkest properties into bright, airy spaces.

There are many things you can do when it comes to sorting your windows out, and this includes increasing the size of your current windows, adding more to rooms that don’t have any, where possible of course, and even adding skylights to your ceilings.

Consider Original Features

You might find that underneath all the years of plasterwork and repainting, new carpets and tiles, there are hidden treasures that might lend a huge amount of character to your home. Having the bravery to strip everything back and reveal original brickwork and floorboards might be a brilliant choice for your home.

Having these original features is not only a great aesthetic choice, but it’s also very much sought after today, with many people trying to fake this look on newer properties. There are many things you can do to make a newer home look older, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. But if you have these features just waiting to be shown off already, try revealing them first before committing to a large-scale renovation project.

Claire Preece