With technologies advancing like wildfires, we tend to forget about the environment. Unfortunately, technology and the environment are kind of in the opposite spectrum of each other, and sometimes it can be really difficult to put these two together.

There are some harmful technologies out there that cause our mother EarthEarth more than our share of anyone’s trouble—starting from global warming to the CFC emission, which is depleting our ozone layer as well.

But, it is high time that we take some responsibility for our environment rather than running behind technology blindly. When the world is trying to be a ‘Type 1’ civilization, here are ways we can also make our lives more sustainable.

How To Live More Sustainable

We are not asking you to go back to primitive times and do all your work manually. But, try looking for technology and smart appliances which pose to be a major benefit to the environment.

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The Major Environmental Benefits Of Smart Home Appliances

These are some of the notable ways these smart equipment save energy and encourage sustainable living.

Home Sensors Saving Energy

How many times does this happen? That you forget to switch off the lights in your house before leaving. It is an absolute frustration when you return home and find that one of the lights was switched on the whole time.

It will definitely reflect on your electricity bill. But it also took away so much valuable energy from the Earth’sEarth’s resources as well now if your home was equipped with smart sensory lights that can save energy by simply turning them off in your absence.

Electricity is not the only sensory device. You can also get leak sensors for your drainage system. It catches the leaks beforehand and saves the EarthEarth from more water waste. Oh yes, and it also saves you from the nuisance of repairing it again.

Temperature Regulation

For quite some time, AC was the only device for controlling the temperature in the room or the house. But, with smart temperature control, the usage of AC has considerably decreased.

When you look at the harmful effects AC has, with the emission of CFC, the smart temperature regulator seems a very smart choice.

You can schedule the temperature based on the one suitable for you. This is something that was not present in the thermostat before. This is programmed to allow you to use the thermos only when people are present.

It automatically switches off with the absence of people. Most importantly, it can sense a door being open and switch itself off to save energy. The temperature can also adjust based on the temperature of the environment. This prevents the overuse of the limited energy on EarthEarth.

These can be controlled by phone, so you can set the temperature of the thermos just before returning. You can have a desired temperature in the home and simply switch it off when home.

Saving Water Through Smart Irrigation

During crop rotation or gardening, you will always find people wasting the water by overusing or overirrigation. This can be harmful in two ways. First, it can cause a severe waterlog, killing all the crops and plants. Second, it is not at all sustainable for the environment.

Although water is one of the replenishable resources on Earth, it shouldn’t be something that is taken for granted. This is the reason why you will need these smart irrigation instalments, which have scheduled time for watering.

It only waters the crop field or garden in regular intervals, and it uses all the amount of water that is required by that particular greenery. One of the smartest features of these sprinklers is that they are connected to the local weather forecast.

So, water only when there is no chance of rain in the atmosphere. The day your plants are not being watered automatically, maybe there is a high chance of rain later that evening!

This is the most eco-friendly way of using technology and saving the environment. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of this system is also very commendable.

You Will Understand The Energy Consumption Better

The automation of these types of equipment is not only efficiently regulating the energy levels of a household, but it also teaches a lot to people. We finally understand the actual amount of energy that is required to have a holistic lifestyle.

We can finally visualize the amount that we have been wasting for no reason. Especially with water, when we finally realize that it doesn’t take so much water to sustain a plant.

Even when it comes to the lights and the temperature, we understand the least amount we actually need to get to the desired comfort level. So one more invention is the window treatments.

We sometimes forget that even though the glass, the windows let in heat and cooling, which can regulate the temperature inside our room. If we connect these window sensors to our AI assistant, we can conserve energy by not being dependent on the temperature regulators all the time.

For example, your blinds will automatically open once your alarm goes off. This will let in the morning heat, and you do not have to be dependent on the thermos.

Final Note

Smart appliances can be a great source of comfort for our daily lives. But at the same time, they can also benefit the environment heavily. Switching to these smart appliances might be a little costly initially, but they are a great investment if you want to save in the long run.

We humans also have to be a little smart with these smart appliances. So it is not just about living sustainably through these technologies but also learning to save the limited resources of your own accord.

Claire Preece