Ideal Decorations For Large Walls

Having blank walls can feel like both a blessing and a curse. Finally, you’ve got a nice blank canvas to work with! But it can also be difficult to work out what to do with your space. Do too much, and it will be overpowering; do too little, and things will look a little bare. So, how do you find the right balance? Here, you’ll find some inspiration for how to decorate large walls to help you style your home with ease.

Choose one large piece of art

One of the simplest ways to decorate a large wall is to choose one large piece of art. It saves you from having to find multiple smaller pieces and hope they all match, and creates a striking focal point. You could buy a ready-made piece of canvas wall art, or create some yourself with a photograph or your own painting skills. You can also use textures to create some interest and ensure a completely unique piece for your home.

Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is an effective way of using up your space, giving you the option to hang multiple works of art (here are some pop art examples) or use photographs to add memories and personality to your home. There are a couple of ways to approach a gallery wall – you could either have everything uniform with the same size frames, or you could create a gallery using different-sized frames and frame styles to mix things up. You could even start off with a small gallery wall and add to it over time as you make new memories with your loved ones.

Add shelving to create some interest

Shelves can be another way of filling up a large wall and creating some stylish looks for your home. Floating shelves are perfect for creating a clean and coordinated look, or you can use more traditional shelving styles if you prefer a classic look. You can then play around with different decorative items such as vases and flowers, candles, ornaments and more to create a wall treatment that reflects your taste.

Use greenery to bring some life into the space

If you love plants, then why not use them to bring some life to your large wall? There are different ways you can do this, including hanging individual plants, putting plants on shelves or creating a single feature from a suspended rod or bar decorated with draped plants. Use real plants if you’re able to give them the TLC they need to thrive, or opt for artificial plants if you’re unsure you’re up to the task.

Hang mirrors to add a sense of light

Mirrors can be used to fill a large wall, either by themselves or in addition to other items. One of the major benefits that mirrors bring to space is that they help add a sense of light, so if you’re struggling with the lighting in your space, then this could be a big help.

You could also experiment with different mirror sizes to create an interesting feature wall.

Invest in a rug or tapestry

Like a large piece of wall art, a rug or a tapestry is a simple way to fill up your wall. A rug or tapestry will make an impact, but with so many styles available, you can find something simple and effective if that’s your preference. Just remember, your piece will need some cleaning or dusting from time to time!

Build a media wall

A large wall could be the ideal location for your media wall, if you’re thinking of adding one to your home. You’ll be able to consider different features such as a TV, fireplace, sound system, lighting and shelving to fill the space and make the focal point of your room.

Panel it

Finally, one of the most popular wall decor trends at the moment is panelling. While panelling is nothing new, it has had a resurgence of late, with people adopting both classic and more modern styles of panelling for their homes. Panelling is something you can easily do yourself, you’ll just need to plan it out and make sure you work out the correct measurements.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ideas for ways to decorate a large wall. Consider the options that will work best for your space and get creative with your wall decor.

Luke Johnson