Offsite construction has been there for years but it is now when this way to create houses and home spaces is becoming a trend. Nowadays, this type of construction has a great quality that is even superior to traditional construction.

Because of the increase of this type of construction, we want to make you know in depth what offsite construction is and which are its main advantages.

What is Offsite Building Construction

Offsite construction is a little bit different to traditional construction. This is because in this method the components of the building project are fabricated in factories and, once they are finished, are installed in a different location.

Normally, the companies that construct these different pieces to assemble, known as modular pods, are responsible for planning and design as well. And, to finish the entire process, they are even the people in charge that move the houses or sections from the factories to the location where customers want to place the house or building.

Do Offsite Construction, Modular and Prefabricated mean the same?

Although we can think that all of these terms make reference to the same thing, this is not true but, in a nutshell, we can say that prefabricated and modular construction are different types of offsite construction.

What are the advantages of Offsite Building Construction over Onsite Construction

The main reason why these two ways of constructing are different is because of  the place where the structure of the building is built.

As we said before, offsite construction implies that most parts of the work are done in a factory, while in traditional construction the construction is done in the own location where the building is going to be located.

So, offsite construction has several advantages over traditional construction and we are going to talk to you about them.

Offsite construction is more sustainable and efficient

If both kinds of constructions are in fact similar, why is offsite building construction an emerging trend? The truth is that constructing in factories has several advantages that cannot be reached if we construct as we usually did.

To start with, we can say that the main advantage that offsite construction has is that it is a more sustainable way to construct. This efficiency is because with offsite construction less waste is generated in the works. Also, being efficient is even easier due to the facility of calculating and predicting the materials that are needed.

A guarantee of safety for workers

Another advantage of offsite construction is that it is more safe than the traditional way to construct. That is why constructing a house or a modular pod inside, in a factory, eliminates several variables such as the weather, which can be a great inconvenience in too many occasions and proveque more errors.

Offsite construction also avoids risks like falling from heights or other accidents with equipment or materials.

Your home or your new space, ready in less time

Offsite construction is a synonym of saving time, as the work in factories facilitates that, for instance, workers can be working in different parts of the house at the same time. Also, constructing inside a building avoids waitings derived from bad weather conditions, which is very favourable.

Examples of Offsite Construction

Not only are there companies that are specialised in building entire homes using offsite construction techniques, but also there are firms that are able to modify your home by adding new sections or modular pods.

In fact, there are some examples of modular pods that you can integrate in your home. One of them are bathroom pods, a turnkey prefabricated module, ready to use. The same with kitchens, which are manufactured with a structure made of metal, ultra-lightweight or concrete.

To conclude, offsite construction is an option to take into consideration if you want the house of your dreams or even to increase or improve the spaces of your home.

Claire Preece