The trend of being environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly has been around for a few years – in the last year or two though, there has been a huge emphasis that has been placed on being environmentally aware. Companies are being made to be more aware of their environmental impacts, and even us as consumers are more conscious of our buying decisions and our daily lives in terms of being more eco-friendly too.

So how are organisations making changes? How are businesses making progress towards being more environmentally friendly and being aware of their ecological impacts? How is sustainable technology being introduced more and being made to be more at the forefront?

Sustainability is no longer just a word that gets thrown around for clout – if you are claiming to be a sustainable business and you are not doing things in a sustainably sound manner, you are going to get called out for it. Being a responsible business owner and ensuring that your company, and employees, understand what it takes to be sustainable and environmentally friendly is now a prerequisite in business in 2022 – we all need to do what we can to help conserve our planet and environments.

Being sustainable is not as easy as one might think – many of us have been going about our daily lives not really caring or thinking about our ecological footprint. Sustainability and being a sustainable person or business takes transformation and drive to achieve – you need to be focused, you need to know what your goals are, and you need to know how and what you are doing is making a change and having a good impact on the environment around you.

Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have the ease of technology to help make being environmentally sustainable a bit easier – consolidating your old technologies, purchasing technology and devices which are more ecologically friendly, and even something as simple as moving to a cloud-based network are some of the ways in which sustainable technology is being used more often and more frequently. It can even be said that the future of sustainability is being shaped by technology.

For any business owner, no matter how big or small they may be – having a partner that can help you navigate through your technological journey, and provide you with guidance, is something you should have. There are trusted IT Support Companies that can help businesses to take control of their tech, and give the suggestions for how to be sustainable too. The new era of sustainable tech has taken the business world by storm and almost every business is now implementing some kind of sustainable goal that centres around the tech they use.

Some IT Support Providers even have uniquely designed Sustainability Assessments which can be performed to assess the current ecological footprint your company has, and then make recommendations for the future as to how you plan to improve this, and then help you to work towards these goals and ultimately improve your ecological footprint as a company.

Something that many businesses and companies are now making use of – as well as individuals too – are what is known as Green Products. These Green Products are designed in order to ensure that when you use them, they do not threaten or compromise the health of the environment in any way.

For personal and everyday use, people are also making a move to using and utilizing Green Products in their homes and for their personal lives. As an individual you could do things like buying and using only LED lights in your home, reducing your waste by using renewable energies, and also by making a conscious effort to look at the environmental impact the devices and tech you use in your home have and making an effort to purchase those that are more energy-efficient and eco-conscious – even if they do end up costing you a little bit extra money, it is worth it in the long run.

Claire Preece