Like any other part of the house, windows are prone to wear and tear. You might experience problems along the way, such as broken seals, rotted frames, failed mechanisms, and cracked glasses. Replacing the windows is not your only option, as you can fix or restore them. Below are some of the reasons to consider the latter before going for a replacement.

The old windows fit the home

A house moves over time, and the original windows shift with it. Removing the windows and replacing them with new ones may result in more gaps in the future. Even if you keep the old frames, there may still be draft problems since the new windows would not fit perfectly. If there are gaps in the old windows, replacing the worn weather stripping may solve the issue. It’s a cheaper and more convenient alternative to windows replacement.

Most new windows are made of vinyl

Vinyl is the most common material used in window manufacturing today. However, it’s not as durable as metal or wood. It may fade or become brittle in no time, so it may not be a sound investment. Refurbishing the old windows would fix the damage and bring them back to their original state. These windows would still last longer, especially with proper care, even with restoration. The same goes with the wooden types since they are also known for sturdiness.

Antique adds character to the home

Antique windows add charm and character to the house. If yours came with them, replacing them may affect its original aesthetics. Keep the integrity and appeal of your home by restoring the old windows. Some companies specialise in the refurbishment for metal windows. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to restore the windows without affecting their design. The craftsmanship of these antique windows is also another reason to keep them. Their intricacy and uniqueness are something you would not see in most modern window designs today. It would also increase the value of your home, should you decide to list it in the market, especially since there are buyers who appreciate the history that comes with the antique parts of the house, including the windows.

It’s a green thing to do

Refurbishing or repairing your windows is more eco-friendly than replacing them. New windows use materials sourced from the environment. Moreover, manufacturing also requires energy, which contributes to the production of toxic gases. Power generation involves the burning of fossil fuels that emit these fumes. Furthermore, the waste from the window production would add to the trash taken to the landfill.

They are repairable

Most window problems are repairable, so why replace them when you can still salvage them? Get repair service on the first sign of an issue to prevent it from worsening. If you have a metal window, enlist the help of a professional in this field to ensure an outstanding result.

Proper care of your windows will make them last for an extended period. In case of damage, consider repair over replacement for all the above benefits.

Claire Preece