The first thing people notice is your shoes. Shoes in a way to form a judgment in the psyche of a person about your disposition without the person even getting to know you. Imagine putting on a red top and purple trainers; this is unusual and doesn’t make any sense in fashion. Trainers at Soleheaven are not just for sports, they are known for major fashion wears, it has become so popular. 

Not all colors of trainers can go with your outfit; therefore, choosing the best color that can go with any wear is crucial. Some colors are always in massive demand by most people. No matter what you put on, these colors of sneakers will always look good. When trying to select the best color in trainers, try to get neutral colors. 

Best Colors for Trainers

These colors are very common, they fit almost every outfit, and these colors are easy to get; not a lot of search goes into trying to purchase one of these. Let’s look below:

·   Brown

Someone might be surprised that Brown is listed as the best color for trainers, I understand, but Brown tends to attract and has that expensive look; it fits majorly all outfits you can think of, so it is quite a good catch. Brown adds that earthy tone and gives you an edge up in parties or social gatherings. 

·   White

There is hardly any store that does not sell white trainers because that alone would attract a lot of people to your store, white trainers are attractive and in a class of their own. Although they are difficult to maintain, they give you a kind of ego when you put them on. White has that signature look of the cool and casual outfit, which jazzes up the outfit to the latest trend. 

·   Grey

Grey trainers go with practically everything; this color gives you more options for the kind of outfits you can make up with the clothes and colors in your wardrobe. 

·   Black

Black is a fashion staple that matches with everything paired with shorts, skirts, jeans, suits, anything. I mean every cloth you can think of, yes, it is easy to maintain. You can surely use your black footwear for sports, walk along a mile and won’t have to spend much time cleaning, unlike white trainers. There are different styles and designers in black trainers.

·   Navy Blue

Navy blue goes well with any kind of pants, Jeans, Joggers, track pants, shorts. Navy is a more formal color that has that upper-class vibe. Navy blue is a bit similar to black in that it can go with many colors, as long as they are done up in cooler shades.


People love to change the way they dress and get new ideas on what is trending and how they can improve their fashion. The type of trainer color that goes well with certain outfits and that will be easy to maintain. Youthful people like to wear bright colors like red, pink, floral prints, and white matched with different contrasting colors of shoelaces that will make them attractive.

Rachel Sterry