Photo of a modern home exterior with a solar power awning over the back porch

Windows remain to be one of the most essential parts of each residence. They are the eyes and the connection to the outside world. Every household should take care of them because they are the reason you use around 30% of your heating or cooling efficiency.

This means you should think of replacing the old ones that aren’t energy efficient and are in a bad condition. Eco-friendly windows nowadays are a compulsory part of any energy efficient home because they will improve the comfort of your living.

Green windows are a great investment that any household owner should have in mind when after a truly Low Carbon Building, however they come with their own pros and cons:

The Advantages of Eco-friendly Windows

#1. Saves money on utility bills

Energy efficient windows glass are made of a special layer such as the argon. The material acts as an excellent insulator, keeps the heat inside the rooms and doesn’t allow it to leave through the window glass. These types of windows comprise a film which reflects the unsafe UV rays of the sun but still lets the warmth in the house. This is more than welcome to your household budget.

Your savings may vary depending on which window you’re replacing and the climate of the inhabited location. Researchers reveal that replacing a single pane window with double pane can save between 21% and 31% off of heating and cooling costs.

This means you can set aside around £130 per year. It might not be that much but new energy efficient windows will add value to the property.

#2. Improves the insulation

Eco-friendly windows have the incredible ability to be a boundary and keep the outdoor factors. The best thermally efficient double glazing is called low-E glass.

When you look at the glass you will find no difference from the typical one. However, this one helps to reduce the power requirements of the home by preventing heat loss during the cold seasons and keeping cold air in during the hot season.

When it comes to insulation, the surface of an energy efficient window can heat up to 56 degrees, while an ordinary window can take up to 30 degrees or lower.

#3. Able to soundproof the outdoor noise

One of the greatest benefits is that they can isolate the noise from the outside surroundings. They can seal out the uncomfortable buzz such as:

  • Sirens;
  • Car engines;
  • People’s conversations;
  • And any other unpleasant sounds.

This is important for the heavily populated parts of the city where the traffic is high and homes are close to each other.

#4. Keeps the environment safe

As said above, a heater or an air conditioner won’t be needed that much. This means your household will reduce non-renewable fuel and decrease the exhaust gas.

The environment at home is not less important and the eco-friendly windows can protect your belongings, too. The sun’s UV rays will no longer access your home and this won’t destruct the furniture, flooring, carpets and other possessions.

#5. Reduces the need of maintenance

This might be annoying. Homes are suffering from condensation because windows cannot deal with the energy transfer. The energy efficient windows can decrease the chances of mould or mildew growth. The glass layer can protect the windows from watermarks or other dirt to grow, so you don’t have to spend a whole day cleaning them. Natalie Jordan, a window cleaning expert at Fantastic Services, suggests that you only need to occasionally wipe the panes and the frames without even using specific window cleaning detergent. These type of windows are weatherproof and can withstand different meteorological conditions.

The oiling of the locking mechanism may be your only requirement that you should carry out on a regular basis so you can ensure the proper operation of your windows.

The UV rays from the sun are harmful and can fade artwork, paper, fabric, carpet, and wood.

With the energy efficient coatings on glass, they will be reduced by up to 75 percent (and remember quality window shutters could also be used which are more effective), which will also cause less damage to your furniture.

#6. Makes for a better sleep

Some eco-friendly windows have a darker covering. This can be great for you if you want to take a nap during the daylight hours. Your bedroom will lack light but It’s very important for the health and quality of your sleep, not to mention reducing sound pollution.

The Disadvantages of Eco-friendly Windows

#1. Need to replace all windows

Changing only several of the old windows is worthless even if you put double-paned ones. It won’t result in your energy saving because the current windows still will let the draught inside your home or let the heat go out. It is recommended refurbishing all windows at once if you want this investment to be worthwhile.

#2. Invest a lot of money

The primary investment you should make will be pretty high. The price will depend on:

  • The number of windows you need to change;
  • The size;
  • Materials;
  • The quality.

So it can vary but you still will need to set aside a great amount of money.

#3. Pay attention to the quality

Many homeowners are not happy with the above fact so they tend to look the price closer. Remember that quality is always in first place when you pay lots of money. This is essential, especially when we talk about long-term investments.

Energy efficient windows that are manufactured with a defect can cause even more problems and headaches.

Get professional help

No matter the type of windows you choose, it is very important to get them fitted by professionals to get the most of the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Also, with the help from the experts, your windows will be complied with the building regulations.

In this way, you will also get a certificate to guarantee the energy conservation requirements. Another thing you can do is to keep the certificate to pass on if you sell your house during the lifetime of the windows.

In conclusion, eco-friendly windows have their advantages and disadvantages. You can save your energy usage, improve your home and the surrounding but keep in mind that this will add up some numbers to your budget. So, make sure you have enough money and weigh the pros and cons. Only after that, you can consider yourself ready to take the next step.

Elliot Preece