If you have been shopping for dishwashers recently or are interested in future kitchen design, you’ve likely come across a product called Cove. This dishwasher is designed and sold by a brand called Sub-Zero, which is most famous for its Wolf products. With the Cove dishwasher, Sub-Zero refrigerator and the Wolf range, the Sub-Zero brand now covers all aspects of kitchen appliances.

Sub Zero’s Wolf and Cove appliances are higher-end products with a price tag well above conventional products. Showrooms often display the Sub Zero and Cove products for custom kitchen and home design companies, which sets these products as the gold-standard for upper-echelon kitchen appliances. Despite its price, the Cove product has several features that distinguish it from other high-end brands.

Quiet Wash and Rinse

The Cove dishwasher is one of the quietest dishwashers available on the market.

For all rinse, wash, and heavy wash cycles, the Cove dishwasher remains quiet, to the point where you can’t hear it working. You may even forget that it’s on, though luckily there is a status light to remind you if a cycle is currently in progress. There are a couple of other lighting features we will get into later in this review.

The Cove dishwasher’s dense insulation is a key contributing factor to its lower noise levels. This degree of silence is primarily caused by the amount of insulation, which traps the sound but adds a substantial amount of weight. The added insulation can be inconvenient for the initial installation or when you need to move the dishwasher, but this won’t make a difference the vast majority of the time.

Loading the Dishwasher

The Cove dishwasher contains three racks, with a standard size top and bottom and a small overhead rack for silverware. The silverware rack is thin, so larger spoons for serving or kitchenware products likely won’t fit. Luckily, there is an additional basket for them on the bottom rack that fits on either side of the washer.

The racks in the Cove dishwasher have customizable heights, making them useful for fitting in dishes that are larger or more unusually sized. You can adjust the height with the small green-colored levers on the front and side of the larger racks. The levers are easy to use and don’t feel cheap as might be expected. Additionally, the Cove dishwasher is a standard 24”, so you don’t need to make  too many adjustments to the rack height.


A fan assists the Cove’s drying process, so dishes dry quickly and can be put away immediately. There’s nothing to complain about here- the product works exceptionally well, and completes the drying and rinse portions of a wash cycle quickly. Additionally, the Sub Zero appliance has a few drying options to choose from. These options are available through the Sub Zero appliances app, and can target other Sub-Zero products in your home.


The exterior of the Cove dishwasher has a few different lighting features. As mentioned above, there is a light to indicate the status and wash progress for the current cycle. On the top of the dishwasher, the buttons are lit with bright LED lights, making them easy to see regardless of how your kitchen is lit.

The interior of the dishwasher also has a full LED lighting system. At first glance this isn’t the most useful of features, but upon further reflection, it’s useful for grabbing clean dishes at nighttime without making too much noise. The interior lights are also dimmable, though the lighting’s preset level is typically a good fit for most users.

Custom Exterior

Cove dishwashers are fully-customizable, so if you have other Sub-Zero products, you can match their exteriors. There is a variety of wood panelling options and several stainless steel finishes that are available through the Sub-Zero website and match designs from many kitchen cabinet distributors. For custom kitchen design companies, taking advantage of the design integration options is a must for planning a new kitchen.

High-Tech Controls

The Sub Zero app pairs with all Sub Zero products, including Wolf appliances, the Sub Zero refrigerator, and Cove dishwashers. First connect the dishwasher itself to your home wifi network through the pairing option in the Sub-Zero app. After syncing the app and dishwasher , you will have access to all of Sub-Zero’s high-tech options.

With the app connected, the first option is to turn the dishwasher on remotely, or set a timer for the dishwasher for it  to start or finish a cycle at a certain time. Commence robot dishwashing! The uses of this feature vary depending on the user, so not everyone will find it handy. However, there are a few other notable features that can provide high-tech value. The app will send the dishwasher owner a phone notification if the detergent or rinse aid is low and needs refilling.

Another useful feature of the app connection is the monitor wash cycle feature, which tracks the current progress of the cycle and gives an estimated time for completion. If you frequently spend time in a part of the house that is farther away from the kitchen and dishwasher, then the cycle monitoring feature means you never have to get up again to check if the dishes are clean.

Conclusion– Wolf Dishwashers: a Review

The Sub Zero Wolf and Cove products are iconically useful and well-designed, and contain a number of useful features that can often justify the higher price tag. If you want to design your kitchen from scratch, these appliances can form the base of your new high-end kitchen.

Cove dishwashers are currently listed starting at $2,365. While this certainly isn’t the cheapest option for a new dishwasher, the value of the features and durability of the product can outweigh price concerns and provide a valuable addition to your kitchen.


Rachel Sterry