Lowara Heating Pump

Choose the smartest choice for commercial or residential heating needs. The Lowara pumps are specifically designed to cater to the heating needs and they work under an HVAC system. it is well equipped with advanced technology features that offer remarkable performance in residential applications, irrigation systems, and overall commercial sectors.

Moreover, each model of the Lowara pumps offers high-end reliability, simplicity, a user-friendly interface, and longevity. This design is highly compact and easy to install which convinces the homeowner to go with the advanced yet smart choices for catering to home heating needs.

In this blog, we will explore the features of Lowara heating pumps and understand their growing popularity. So, let’s engage with us thoroughly.

Discover our Highly Efficient Lowara Heating Technology

It offers an extensive variety that has distinctive features and proves the best and most excellent residential heating pump choices nowadays. It often comes along with heavy-duty lowara heating pump features that provide exceptional smooth operations. So let’s get started with the Lowara heating units’ exceptional features given below

Heavy Duty Lowara Heating Unit Features

If we talk about the new model that is Lowara 1hme11s07m02qqbe horizontal multistage pump 240 v. That is offering the state of the art features. For instance, it is built-in quality with high-end efficiency performance. Additionally, with its long service life span, customers consider it due to its highly mechanical properties.

Modern and Robust Design for Power Pack Performance

The Lowara heating pumps feature state-of-the-art hydraulics that ensures world-class performance with 100% efficiency and reliability. Moreover, the IE3 motors ensure less downtime by increasing performance.

Low Noise Operations

These heating pumps are highly integrated with the hydraulics and a motor thick with a metal sheath that offers zero sound while operating it. Additionally, the metal pump body ensures the unbreakable unit without any wear and tear for the longest time frame.

Energy Efficient

Despite the continued operation, it doesn’t put the burden on the high amount of bills. It is always a pocket-friendly pump. It offers extreme energy efficiency without reducing its downtime. Whether you run it full day or night, this smart technology will not effect your budget and brings ease at the end of the month. Now install it in your home with peace of mind.

Unstoppable Water Supply

The Lowara heating pump features a reliable water supply to the whole building without any blockage. It can supply the efficient water flow up to 10-floor buildings.

Control It With The Power Off And On Button

For your easiness and convenience, the power button is integrated which will allow you to easily stop the operation as you finish the requirements.

Constant Pressure System

The model like the Lowara 1hme15s11m02qbe horizontal multistage pump 240 v offers a semi-constant pressure system that is integrated with Genyo plus electronic pump controller. Additionally, it is also integrated with the fastest and efficient speed control program as per your need. This unit is superficially designed with the HME smart pump with the efficiency of IES2 ensuring an excellent level of performance in the whole industrial sector.


The model-like Lowara 1hme17s15m02qbe horizontal multistage pump 240 v allows you to install it in various industrial applications. For instance, food and beverages, cleaning, and washing, and any sector with high demand for water heating needs.

Durability & Reliability

The Lowara heating pump features high-end reliability due to its robust compact and durable design that offers long-lasting performance. Additionally, with its proper care and attention, this range of pumps can be long-lasting without any wear and tear. So, this will be a one-time investment for the user, and later on, they will easily enjoy its benefits.

Easy to Install

Homeowner gives their preference due to its user-friendly interface and installation. So that it doesn’t cost to call professionals for its fitting and installation. You will be given a guide that will allow you to do it all by yourself by following the professional guidelines.

National Boiler and Pumps is the Authorized Dealer of Lowara Pumps

Look no further than National Pumps & Boilers who are dedicated to sustainable living by offering heavy-duty heating units. You can directly talk to experts for assistance. Like how to enhance the longevity of the lowara pumps. Additionally, get to know the full information for the care and attention of these pumps for longevity and long-lasting performance without affecting efficiency and sustainability. So we are one call away from you. Call us right away.

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