A real estate agency works for both buyers and sellers – whether it is purchase, sale, rental or management of property and land. As such, agencies are kept on their toes trying to maintain and increase their clientele, as estate agents in Summertown will concur. With high competition in the market, the job of attracting more clients can be quite challenging.

There are some ways in which this can be made easier and result in more people knocking at your door, asking for advice.


Most buyers and sellers use the internet for research – on the most trustworthy estate agents, the highest quality services offered and the incentives for the most lucrative outcome. To immediately draw the attention of a potential client, a visually appealing website is essential. The portrayal of the agency, promotion of the brand to ensure it is recognised online and highlighting the expert services offered are vital. It should be reviewed often and kept up-to-date with market conditions, to ensure that professionalism is also offered. To improve your SEO (search engine optimisation), make sure that the content is relevant and reliable with key words to draw the attention of the targeted audience.

CMA (Comparative Marketing Analysis):

A CMA report shows an estimate of a property’s price compared with other similar properties in the area. It will include the current condition, location, age, size and other construction features. This helps sellers with listing prices. The analysis should include current information of the neighbourhood. Other details you can share are sales of homes you have listed which have received many offers and have sold for a percentage more than the asking price. If a free CMA is offered, it will most probably catch the interest of a prospective or past client and become a lead generator. Even if the outcome is negative, the client will remember you as the agent who offered beneficial information free of cost!


Much information is passed on “by word of mouth”. One source to generate seller leads is previous clients who have benefitted from the variety and quality of services offered by you. To ensure this, of course, is to offer the optimum service possible – from regular updates on the advertising, progress and marketing of their listings, keeping them aware of market conditions and concluding profitable sales. They are sure to recall such service and be ready to refer your agency to other interested parties. Another source is the SOI (sphere of influence) – family members, friends and colleagues who are aware of the value and trustworthiness of your business. By contacting them every so often and reminding them that you are still on the market could result in more references being passed on and, consequently, more business.

Another important factor is agent-to-agent referrals. If a client moves to another location, an agent-to-agent referral can help in mutually increasing buyer and seller leads.

SMM (Social Media Marketing):

A large percentage of people use social media daily. According to some authorities, social media marketing is one of the best ways to generate top quality real estate leads. Exhibiting your listing with professional videos and photographs, highlighting the areas you excel in, can catch the attention of both potential buyers and sellers. Investing in paid advertising on social media is worth the initial expense as it is sure to target and create an audience for both previous and new clients. Because social media today is so ubiquitous, marketing techniques using these platforms are extremely important for businesses.

E-mail marketing:

Although e-mail is one of the oldest forms of digitalisation, it is still very effective if used properly. A major benefit is that the communication can be sent directly to the relevant audience. An e-mail campaign, portraying your expertise in selling properties for clients, showcasing the efforts, process and level of service, can be an incentive in drawing both prospective buyers and sellers to your agency. It provides space to develop a customer relationship, based on which strategies can be tested and evaluated. This, in turn, can make it less stressful for the client, which can lead to customer loyalty. Regular follow-ups and keeping everyone informed is important for this to work.


Generating seller leads can be quite demanding, but the end result is worth it. Consistency in the campaign is crucial, even though diversification in the approach can attract various clients. Multi-step formats in an organised way can make the various types of information easier to understand. Frequent interaction with live chats or through chatbox, or a mixture of the two, can be beneficial. With the above tips, we are sure that, before long, your goal of attracting more sellers will be achieved.

Luke Johnson