Having a home is an achievement in life. When you have a place to call home in Plymouth, you are doing well in life. However, it takes a lot to climb the property ladder in the UK. Forget about the high cost of living and property prices in different locations, the conveyancing process is tedious and lengthy.

On average, it takes 2-3 months to complete in the UK. If you want to make a fast move in Plymouth, you should get assistance from a Plymouth property conveyancing solicitor, such as AVRillo. A property solicitor will handle the legal process of buying a house swiftly. Here is what the legal process entails.

Step #1 – Making an offer 

Once you have researched and finally located a home you want to buy, you should proceed to make your offer. This means you show interest in buying the property by informing the seller and asking for a chance to view the property. 

The simplest way to get an offer is to have proof of principal deposit and be ready to move anytime.

Step #2 – Instruct your conveyancer 

The next step is to instruct your conveyancer or a property solicitor. A property solicitor is well conversant with the legal process of buying property in Plymouth. He will take you through the process without wasting any time.

The conveyancer sends a questionnaire for completion to the property seller. The property seller provides accurate information about the property you want to buy in this questionnaire. Remember, the property seller will count on your reply to the questionnaire to decide whether they should continue with the transaction.

Step #3 – Search and Enquiries 

Your property solicitor will proceed with making enquiries and searches on the property. Searches are important in disclosing all the underlying issues about the property. The solicitor will conduct a local search, mining, drainage, and environmental research to establish the credibility of the property. 

As a property buyer, you should pay attention to the search results in deciding whether to buy the property or not. 

A property seller should provide a copy of the Title Deed to avail crucial information about the property to the buyer’s solicitor. The seller’s solicitor prepares a contract of sale for the property and shares this information with the buyer’s solicitor.

Step #4 – Securing a mortgage 

Unless you buy your property on a cash basis, you should find a mortgage to finance your home purchase. This means you should ensure a positive credit score to qualify for a reasonable mortgage in Plymouth. 

Do a home survey and ensure this information is available to the mortgage lender in valuing the property you want. 

Step #5 – Signing documents and exchange of contracts 

After receiving the paperwork from the seller’s solicitor, a copy of the mortgage offer, and the search results, the buyer’s solicitor will peruse the documents and send a written report advising you on the next legal process of exchanging contracts.

Once the buyer and seller’s solicitor agree that everything is intact, a contract exchange occurs. Both parties will agree on a completion date and include this on the contract. Once you have signed and exchanged the contracts, it is legally binding, and pulling out can attract a penalty.

Final Thoughts 

Buying property in the Plymouth, UK takes time if you are conveyancing for the first time. As a new homebuyer, you should hire a conveyancing solicitor to hold your hand in the process. 

A property solicitor has the experience and knowledge to complete and hand over the keys to you in a record time.


Claire Preece