At (of Salike Limited), our approach to business is different. While coir-based products have been used in horticulture for many decades, there was little awareness of and opportunity for individual and small-scale growers and gardeners to access the wide array of coir products that were available. Having realised this urgent need early on, at, our mission is to help anyone access an innovative range of sustainable coir products that are not only of high quality but also available at affordable prices. Not only that, as a purpose-oriented company within a highly competitive industry, we at, continue to advocate for causes we care about when it comes to sustainable growing, fostering change in the way we support communities.

Unique coir products and bundles
There has been renewed interest in coir products with the banning of peat in horticulture, while the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown saw many people turn to gardening, enjoying the benefits of nature for their mental and physical health and wellbeing. Before we started our online shop,, we were mainly supplying coir-based products by the container load through our parent company. It is here that we saw an urgent gap, where customers were being overcharged for some of the products they buy, especially in smaller quantities. Further, as a company directly involved in the manufacturing process, we saw that many growers and gardeners were not aware of the vast array of coir product varieties that they could use. Therefore, with our commitment to innovate, and building on our core values of trust, honesty, and integrity, we set about bringing never-before-seen coir product varieties to the UK market, making our sustainable range easily accessible to everyone.

Taking our efforts a step further, we at, also introduced unique coir bundles, another first in the UK coir retail market. These specially curated distinct coir bundles come at discounted prices, combining some of our most popular products, and are suitable for anyone, including for seasoned growers and those new to gardening, for those wanting to grow indoors or outdoors, as well as for those gardening with children.

Supporting communities, inspiring others
Yet, as a company, we have always had the community at heart, and from our inception, we were determined to support the communities we work with. During lockdown, we encountered many individuals who looked towards gardening and nature for improving their overall health and wellbeing. To support their efforts, we introduced various giveaways via our social media channels, reaching individual growers and gardeners from across the UK. We also began highlighting the gardening stories of individuals, sharing valuable experiences and lessons, inspiring change. We take pride in reforming the way horticultural businesses empower communities, and inspiring other corporates to change their approach to business as well. As a company, however, such efforts were nothing new to us. Even prior to the establishment of, through our parent company, we have supported rural economies and children’s welfare initiatives. We continue to promote the planting of trees and support charities, giving back every way we can.

Eco-friendly practices and products
In addition, we have taken steps to uphold our commitments to become a truly environmentally-conscious company, including taking steps to offset our carbon footprint in transporting goods to the UK.

Coir-based products are manufactured with the organic material extracted from the husk of the coconut, with coir being a completely natural, biodegradable, and organic resource. They are also free of the more harmful peat-moss, making it ideal for the eco-conscious grower. Coir products have high water holding capacity as well as good aeration and excellent drainage. Such characteristics enable plants to grow strong and healthy root systems, benefitting overall plant growth.

Our coir products are ideal for growing a variety of plants and crops. The sustainable range includes coir potting mixes (blocks, bricks, and bags in varied sizes), coir pots (in sizes ranging from 5cm to 32cm), and coircoins (in four distinct sizes), as well as a range of mulch mats, special mix growbags, grow poles, and grow cubes, among others.  Coir products such as coir pots are also an ideal alternative to plastic pots. Our peat-free and eco-friendly coir products are ethically produced and sourced, with minimal harm on the environment. As we are directly involved in the manufacturing process for over a decade, we closely monitor all stages of our operations, through our teams on the ground, ensuring that ethical business practices are followed throughout.

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