Selling a property is becoming easier and easier for many, as we can find different options for sale that are not only limited to the physical.

Nowadays there are many companies that allow us the online house valuation from the sofa, you only have to enter the data. There is no mystery or difficulty. Some require registration, but others only offer the valuation of the house.

Some companies even make offers for the house. That is, they undertake to buy the property at the price offered and intend to resell it within a short period of time. It is true that they will not give the best price, but if we need a quick sale, they can be a good option.

Make the real estate market transparent

There are two problems with the real estate market. The first is its heterogeneity. Hardly any two houses are the same. Even within the same building, we are more or less close to utilities, better ventilation or orientation. We also have a better or worse state of conservation, and a renovated house is not the same as a house to be renovated or one that was renovated ten years ago.

The second problem is transparency. Knowing how much a house is worth is not easy. Some owners are charging such a high price just because they don’t want to sell it. Others are offering very low prices simply because they desperately need to sell when they get more at a better price. Other buyers use that they have sold an apartment similar to yours for X and ask more or less depending on whether they think your home is better or worse.

By using a real estate agent, they usually know the market better or worse and know what they can ask. But this is not always the case. Sometimes the host would say X and they couldn’t get out. However, requesting an appraisal from an agency (no matter how free and no obligation) usually costs time. It will be more accurate than what the web app offers, but not as fast.

These home appraisers didn’t solve the first problem, but they helped the second, and a lot. For several years now, we can know the value of the house at any time.

Online home appraisal service

You can see that there are a lot of options available that you can use to be able to calculate in a faster and more comfortable way the value of your property in a more realistic way according to the specific characteristics that will help you to give indicators to increase the price of the property by reinforcing the deficient points.

The platforms have different statistics or standards, which is why the prices or processes will be relative between each of the platforms that can be found on the Internet.

That is why we propose the most realistic option and with the closest prices to the current market to avoid that they take your property for a lower price than what they should actually pay you and consult their prices in an updated way.


Claire Preece