Living in London is expensive, but it’s rewarding to those who love the capital and like being in the heart of the action.

An ideal way to save money on your regular bills is to improve the energy efficiency of your home, but this can be expensive, particularly at the outset.

Initially, you might have to pay a lot of money to instal energy-efficient technology and make sustainable changes to your home, but it will all be worth it when you start saving money on your monthly bills.

Also, you’ll be able to reduce your impact on the environment, which is essential, particularly as the climate crisis continues to worsen.

While the initial costs of reducing your home’s energy usage might seem steep, there are ways that even London homeowners can save money. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how.

Get A Fixed-Price EPC Document

Before you start working out how you’re going to reduce your energy use and improve your property’s efficiency, you need to work out how energy efficient it is currently. That means getting an up to date Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC. Using a provider like epcHome, which offers fixed-price EPC certificate in London, which are significantly cheaper than those offered by most London estate agents, can save you money and allow you to review your property’s energy usage.

Use A Smart Meter

If you want to narrow down exactly when you’re using the most energy in your home, then a smart meter could be the ideal solution. A smart meter offers you real-time insight into the amount of energy you’re using and how much it will cost you. These handy devices are useful for anyone who wants to check if specific tasks use more energy than others. You can then work out if there’s a way to make specific appliances more energy-efficient or ensure that you optimise energy-heavy tasks so that you use as little energy as possible. If you already have a smart meter, then make sure that it’s in a prominent place where you can easily see it. Some smart meters have useful apps that will allow you to check the historical data on what energy your home uses, so check them out to see if they can help you to reduce your energy usage.

Take Advantage Of Energy Efficiency Grants For London Homes

There are many schemes out there to help London homeowners to save money on energy efficiency products, such as insulation and cleaner fuel sources. For example, there is the Mayor’s Energy For Londoners scheme, which you could be eligible to apply for. Many local councils will also offer additional funding, grants and offers, so check out what you could apply for in your local area. By taking advantage of these grants and other deals, you could get the energy-efficient home you need without spending every penny of your savings.

Even in London, it’s possible to save money and still reduce your home’s energy usage and make it more efficient. Make the most of the tips on this list and keep researching new ideas to make home energy efficiency cost-effective and simple.

Claire Preece