Houses with outdoor spaces are always in demand. Most house buyers say a garden is a top priority when looking for a new home. Many will not buy a house without one.

Your garden presents an opportunity to increase the value of a home and its appeal to buyers. Here are some simple ways to refresh your garden and make the most from it.

Do Some Weeding and Clear the Space

Gardens are high on the list of must-haves for home buyers. Having a garden is not enough, though. It should be tidy and presentable to help sell your home and increase its value. You do not have to spend much money to get the most from your garden. All you need is elbow grease. Remove any weeds and clear any clutter.

Bamboo removal is also worth considering, as it can be a huge cause of concern for buyers. Whilst attractive, ‘bamboo’ as a plant species includes some of the fastest growing plants in the world.  Certain running varieties can quickly spread and then dominate a garden. It’s a good idea to seek professional help to completely remove it. PBA Solutions offers a speedy quotation and remedy following a video call; they are experts in bamboo removal and employ current technology to get things moving immediately.

Increase Your Square-footing with a Summer House or Shed

Storage is always in short supply in any home. Adding a humble shed to your garden gives you and any buyers somewhere to store things. Go a little further by adding a summer house. This can have a noticeable impact on your property value and adds a few extra square feet of usable space.

They can be expensive, but this cost will be recouped from your increased property value. You also get to enjoy it yourself before selling.

Add an Outdoor Dining Area

For an addition to your garden that adds value and functionality, think about adding an outdoor dining space. This is quick and easy to do yourself if you are handy with basic tools. Wooden decking can be an attractive addition and finished in a day. Even if you decide to get some professional help, decking is inexpensive and adds value and desirability to your home.

Avoid getting a stone or paved patio as this is much more expensive. Decking can be repainted, refreshed, or removed, but paving is more difficult to alter or replace.

Fix Your Fencing

Good fences make good neighbours, but they also help sell an attractive garden space to buyers. Spend a weekend or two tidying up your fences and replacing any broken panels. You can paint the fencing in vibrant colours if you want to brighten up the area.

Do not go overboard by spending too much on fencing. A new fence will add little to your property value. Repair and replace only where you need to, then paint or varnish every part. This will make everything match and define the space for viewers.

Having a well-presented, functional garden can help secure the sale of a home. It adds value to a property too. Invest in your outdoor spaces with these top tips to make the most of your garden.

Claire Preece