Right now, it seems fair to say that everyone is thinking carefully about their individual environmental impact. We have seen alarming stories from around the world about climate change with extreme weather events and soaring temperatures. Here in the UK, everyone was forced to stop and take note of the historic heatwave that we saw in July. When it comes to your home, there are always going to be ways that you can be more environmentally friendly. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Think Bigger With Your Recycling

Most of us will recycle our plastic, paper, and metal waste as a matter of habit. However, we need to think a little bigger when it comes to the materials that we are using as well as the ones that we are throwing away. It can be as simple as taking your own shopping bag to the supermarket, or your own reusable water container when you go out. You could think about shopping at a waste-free store, which has become increasingly popular recently. One recycling area that you need to be particularly aware of is your electrical waste. Make sure that you take any broken electronics to a proper recycling facility.

Invest In New Appliances

One of the best ways to ensure that you are being as green as possible is to rethink your major appliances. A lot of older machines will have a worse energy efficiency rating than newer models, so if it has been a few years since you bought a new washer, dryer, fridge, or dishwasher, then it may be time to consider an upgrade. Heating is always going to be one of the major culprits, which is why so many people have started thinking about ground source heat pump. One like the Vaillant FlexoTHERM heat pump is an energy-efficient option with no environmental impact. Visit the Federation of Master Builders to learn more about this technology, and for more advice for your home.

Remember The Little Things

While there may not be too many seismic changes that you can make with your behaviour at home, little activities will add up to a lot. For example, things like remembering to turn your TV or computer off at the wall instead of leaving it on standby. You should be turning out lights if you are not in the room, and you should try to use a washing up bowl to save on water. Using a watering can for your garden instead of a hose will also help.

Giving Up Meat

This option may not be popular with everyone, but it is impossible to deny that a large chunk of our carbon footprint comes down to our diets. If you are looking for easy ways that you can make a difference, then cutting down on the amount of meat that you eat, or cutting it out altogether, is a great way to start. Even The Pope has been telling young people to try and eat less. Going vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian has been an incredibly popular option recently, and it is great for your heart health too.

Claire Preece