Modern garage interior. 3d illustration

According to research by the RAC, nearly six million garages in the UK are not currently being used for cars as they are being used as storage instead! Many of the things stored in our garages are unused or unwanted items that we don’t have a place for in our homes. If you’re ready to reclaim your garage, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to return it to its original purpose – or at the very least make it a more useable, practical space.

Step One: Declutter

The first step in renovating your garage is to declutter. Begin by creating multiple piles. One pile should be the items that need throwing away because they’re worn out or broken, the next should be items that can be passed on, sold or donated to charity, ideally, this will be the largest pile. The final pile should be items that you definitely want to keep. Hopefully, this last pile should be the smallest as the fewer items you hold onto, the more garage space you’ll be able to reclaim!


Items to throw away can be bagged up and disposed of in your household rubbish, by a council collection or at a local tip. Items to donate can be cleaned and boxed up ready to take to charity or alternatively photographed and listed for sale.


You should then organise the remaining items in a way that makes the most of your space and will keep your garage clutter-free in future. Cupboards and shelves can be freestanding or fitted to walls and are a great way to keep your garage neat and organised. A well-organised tool chest will also make future DIY projects or repairs easier.

Step Two: Clean

Now you’ve decluttered your garage, the next step is to clean. A simple solution of baking soda with water is effective at removing most dirt from concrete garage floors and is safe to use on surfaces too, as is warm soapy water using regular washing-up liquid. Scrubbing with a bristle brush can help remove any ingrained dirt


A power jet wash or pressure washer is also a very effective way to get your garage gleaming again although more stubborn stains such as paint, rust and grease might require a bit more elbow grease or specialist cleaning solutions.

Step Three: Decorate

If after decluttering and cleaning, your garage is still looking a bit tired then a lick of paint can go a long way to freshen up the space. Not only will this make it a more pleasant place to park your car or undertake DIY, but it will encourage you to keep the space looking good and not let it get messy and cluttered again in the future. Use epoxy floor paint to create a shiny and beautifully finished floor. This helps to prevent oil stains and grease from sticking to the floor and will make it much easier to clean in the long run.

Claire Preece