Solar Thermal Hot Water

Harness the energy of the sun to replace or supplement your existing water heating system. Modern solar water heating technology offers a wide range of excellent benefits for homeowners ranging from a reduced environmental impact to significant energy savings.

What types of solar thermal hot water systems are available?

A wide variety of different solar hot water systems are available. The ideal solar water heating system for your home depends on a variety of factors, including your existing boiler, your total budget, and the surface area of your south-facing roof.

Householders are advised to speak with a certified and experienced professional to learn  more about the ideal type of solar hot water heating system for their home.

What can solar hot water systems be used for?

Solar hot water systems can be used for a wide range of domestic purposes. Many homeowners use solar water heating systems in order to reduce the energy consumption of their existing boiler. Others use solar water heating systems to heat swimming pools and other large applications.

Solar hot water systems require three core components: ceiling-mounted solar panels, a system for transferring heat from the panels to the water supply, and a hot water cylinder for storing heated water. For optimum results, homes should have at least 3-4 square metres of southwest or southeast-facing roof area that receives direct sunlight during the daytime. Depending on the existing water cylinder, an additional water cylinder may also need to be installed.

How much does it cost to install a solar hot water system?

Solar water heating systems typically cost £3,000 to £5,000 to purchase and install. Most systems come with a 10-year warranty. Very little maintenance is required, with a yearly householder check standard and an in-depth check by a professional required every 3 to 5 years for optimum performance. These requirements vary depending on the type of system installed and the home.

Planning permissions and practical concerns for homeowners:

Due to recent changes to development rights, homeowners no longer need to seek planning permissions to install solar panels and several other domestic microgeneration technologies in England. Although there are limits on the size of solar PV insallations, most home solar PV installations can be installed, provided they comply with size criteria.

Planning permissions are required in Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Householders are advised to contact their local authority in order to learn more about the planning permissions required to install a solar hot water system in their area.

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