If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you’re probably wondering what trends are popular right now. When it comes to Melbourne residential architecture, young homeowners are especially interested in creating a bathroom that’s both stylish and functional – here are 10 trendy bathroom ideas to consider for your home renovation.

  1. Dark hardware

Gold and brass finishes are out; matte black is in – this trend is perfect for achieving a modern, minimalist look.

  1. Natural stone

Marble and granite are classic choices, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other materials like limestone or slate.

  1. Vessel sinks

These stylish sinks sit atop the counter rather than being recessed into it, giving your bathroom an updated look.

  1. Curved fixtures

Whether it’s a curved shower rod or a rounded sink, softening the angles in your bathroom can give it a more welcoming feel.

  1. Statement vanity mirrors

A large mirror is a must-have in any bathroom, but why settle for boring and utilitarian? Look for a mirror that makes a statement, like one with an interesting frame or an unusual shape.

  1. Walk-in showers

Ditch the tub and make your shower the focal point of the room, with a walk-in design. You can even install a rain showerhead for an extra touch of luxury – just make sure the rest of your bathroom can accommodate the loss of storage space that comes with saying goodbye to your tub.

  1. Heated floors

No one likes cold tile first thing in the morning, so consider adding radiant heat to your flooring – you’ll never want to leave your bathroom again!

  1. Smart technology

Add some high-tech features to your bathroom for added convenience – towel warmers, automatic toilets and hands-free faucets are all available options. Just make sure everything is properly waterproofed to avoid any accidents.

  1. Bold tile patterns

Make a statement with your tile choice by opting for an eye-catching pattern – hexagon, chevron and subway tile are all popular choices right now. Not feeling particularly adventurous? Stick with classic white subway tile, but lay it in an unconventional pattern like herringbone or diagonal for a subtle twist on the trend.

  1. Floating vanities

Create the illusion of more space in your small bathroom by installing a floating vanity – this type of sink is mounted to the wall rather than sitting on top of a cabinet or pedestal, giving the room an open and airy feel.

These 10 trendy ideas are sure to give your bathroom the update it needs without sacrificing function or style. So, whether you’re considering dark hardware or floating vanities, there’s bound to be an option here that’s perfect for your home renovation project.

Luke Johnson