Hosting a party at home can be easier than you think. If you get creative and allocate a decent budget, you can turn your home into an epic party house and throw an event that your guests will remember forever. In this post, we share some tips and ideas about how to design the perfect house party.

Build (or borrow) a minibar 

Instead of laying out drinks on the kitchen work surfaces, you could really impress your guests by building a pop-up mini bar, where they can order their drinks! Whether or not you have a minibar, make sure you stock up on all of the things one could expect from a bar, most noticeably, drink. The more variety of drinks you have, the better, and you could even make up some pitchers of your favourite cocktails for your guests to enjoy. Don’t forget the virgin cocktail for the drivers! You should also stock up on bar snacks and, if you want to really impress, other nibbles like olives. Very continental.

Decorate to impress 

Decorations are super important when designing the perfect party house. You should think in advance about your party’s theme and pick decorations to suit the theme. These can be homemade, but don’t be tempted to buy tack because you think it looks funny! You should be serious about the theme of the party and pick decorations that will impress your guests. When you’ve decided on a theme for your party, you should make sure your guests dress appropriately. If you go for a casino table, for example, and theme your house accordingly, it would be a good idea to ask your guests to dress in tuxedos and evening dresses, to make the most of the evening you have prepared for them.

Create a casino games room 

Nothing says James Bond more than a home casino and games room. Imagine how happy your guests will be if they can play a couple of games of blackjack or poker at a casino table in your front room. You can hire game tables from several different companies in the UK who deliver it to your front door. Many of these companies also hire out slot machines and other traditional arcade games so you can really create feel of a casino betting site like bet365. In your own home. Creating a casino games room will add a touch of class to your house party and will be a great activity for guests to enjoy.

Set the tone of your party with lighting 

Your party’s tone and atmosphere are so important, and getting the lighting wrong can be a disaster that’s hard to recover from. Most importantly, don’t leave overhead lights on, as this is a sure-fire way to kill the mood of your party from the very start. Overhead lights are usually far too bright and don’t create a positive tone. Equally, don’t have your guests walking around in the darkness; you need to get the balance right. Delicate fairy lights and other wall-hanging lights can be excellent props to help you create the right mood for your house party. If the mood is right, your guests will enjoy themselves more.

Music is everything 

You can’t throw a good party without good music, so make sure you choose the right music for your theme. It’s also essential to have a decent set of speakers or a sound system. Don’t be tempted to play music straight from your phone, as it won’t carry well to other rooms. Decent wireless speakers can be picked up relatively inexpensively and can be an excellent addition to your house party. If you really want to push the boat out, you could always consider hiring a DJ, particularly If you have a big house or your party is taking place outdoors.

Tell your neighbours and confirm your numbers

If you’re not inviting your neighbours to your house party, it’s a good idea to let them know that you’re having people over. There’s nothing worse than grumpy neighbours, so be courteous and give them a warning about your party. Also, be careful not to advertise your house party on social media. The last thing you want is a troop of uninvited guests turning up at your door demanding entry. Decide on your guest list and confirm your numbers a day before to make sure you have enough of everything you need for the party.

Sam Allcock