Important Information for Installers and Manufacturers:

The government’s new Renewable Heat Incentive will extend to households from spring 2014 onwards. A voucher scheme for households is currently available, which domestic customers and installers that work with domestic clients can learn more about using this page. The Renewable Heat Incentive household scheme is intended to replace the existing Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme from spring 2014 onwards.

Please note that the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme only applies to households in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Low Carbon Buildings Programme and Installers:

Learn more about how installers and manufacturers of microgeneration technologies play an important role in achieving carbon reduction goals. The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme aimed to improve the development of renewable energy technology by making microgeneration technologies more affordable for homeowners and non domestic building owners.

As part of the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, householders and non domestic building owners needed to work with certified installers, as well as installing certified products, in order to be eligible to apply for grants. Grants were available for heat generating technologies such as air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar thermal hot water and wood fuelled heating.

Installers were not able to submit applications for grants under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. Instead, householders were required to apply for grants directly and, if successful, claim their grants after the microgeneration technology had been installed.

Under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, installers were not permitted to apply for grants on behalf of clients. Installers were also not permitted to claim grants on the behalf of their clients.

How Installers Can Help Clients With the Grant Process:

While installers undoubtedly played an important role in helping individuals with the grant application process, they were not eligible to discuss the status of a client’s application with the Department of Energy and Climate Change. As part of the grant process, installers were advised to take the following steps:

  • Ensure that products installed for clients were certified under the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme.
  • Ensure that they were certified under the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme.
  • Discuss grant applications with clients and offer actionable feedback.
  • Discuss the progress of grant claims with clients.
  • Provide invoices to clients showing a summary of the costs of microgeneration technology installed.
  • Direct householders towards important informational resources such as the Energy Saving Trust website.

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