With Christmas around the corner, many of us are already considering what bargains we might be able to pick up during the January sales. You stand to save a great deal during this period, with lots of retailers offering incredible savings on their entire product range. One of the products where you can find the best deals in the January sales are beds. If you are looking for an upgrade to your current bed or need a new bed for the spare room, January is the ideal time of the year to make that purchase.

In this article, we are going to offer some top tips to help you get the best deals on January sales beds from planning ahead to budgeting accurately.

Plan in advance

It is important that you take the time to plan ahead before diving into the January sales deals. Think about what your ideal bed might be, from features to pricing and everything in between. Are you looking for additional storage or are you trying to find a smaller bed? Maybe you are considering a bed that can help with a bad back or hip problem. Take the time to think about what your ideal bed is before hitting up the January sales. That way, you are much more likely to get the bed of your dreams.

Stick to a budget

It can be all too easy to go over your budget if you find a particularly good deal, but try to be rigid with your budget limitations. If you are buying January sales beds, then you can probably upgrade to a better, more luxurious model than if you had bought your bed at full price. With that said, don’t go overboard! Stick to a budget and you should be able to walk away with a gorgeous new bed at a discounted price.

Ask about upsizing

Some companies offer free upsizing of beds and mattresses at no extra cost during the January sales. This helps retailers shift a wider range of stock during the sales and it could help you land an even better bed without paying more. A super king-sized bed offers a lot more room to sleep than a standard king size and they don’t sell as often, so if you want the upgrade you should ask about a free upsizing.

Think about storage

Are you looking to increase your storage space with your new bed? If so, looking into an ottoman bed or drawer divan bed might be a good option for you. With that said, if you aren’t too fussed about the additional storage, you can save yourself a good chunk of money by opting for a bed that doesn’t focus on storage. With that extra cash, you could even treat yourself to a better mattress.

Take your time

It can feel a bit frenetic during the January sales with so many people shopping around for the best deals. Try to take your time though and don’t be rushed into making a decision that you might regret down the road. It is important that you find the right bed for you, so take a good 10 minutes to inspect the beds that you are interested in. Try out the mattresses and make sure that the bed you choose is the perfect one for you.

Shop with your partner

If you share a bed with your partner, it is wise to bring them along to help with the decision making process. Everyone has different approaches to comfort, especially when sleeping, so it is important that you get their opinion on a new bed before investing in it. Try to find a suitable bed that meets both your and your partner’s needs.

Claire Preece