In the UK, we are no strangers to the weather taking a turn for the worst at a moment’s notice. From prolonged periods of downpours to icy winds hitting our shores, we face a multitude of different weather conditions each year.

That being the case, homeowners up and down the country undoubtedly want to do what they can to protect their homes from the effects of these elements. Actions big and small can make the difference in how your property withstands the bad weather, and you might find yourself wondering what actions these are.

Read on to discover some of the factors you should consider when wanting to protect your home from the elements in 2022 and beyond.

Properly Sealing Windows and Doors

It goes without saying, but there is nothing worse than having a draught coming through the windows or doors in your home, causing the temperature inside your property to plummet. Not only will you be forking out more money in energy costs – something many of us are looking to avoid due to the state of the market at the moment – but you will risk water damage taking hold of your home.

If you have been alerted to the poor weather before it hits, take this time to check the sealing of the windows and doors in your home. Fill in any gaps that you find and replace broken or damaged components where necessary.

Ensure Your Drainage Systems Work

Another somewhat obvious suggestion here, but one we felt was worth a mention all the same. When experiencing heavy rain for a prolonged period, you want to ensure the drainage systems in your home work properly; without the right drainage systems, your home is susceptible to water damage and leaks.

Aluminium gutters and other box gutter systems are recommended when wanting to upgrade your home drainage systems without forking out too much money. Provided by reputable suppliers Rainclear Systems, you can rest assured that when implementing something like this into your property, you are doing what you can to protect your home during this time.

Service and Repair Boiler and Heating Systems

Having a well-insulated and warm home is something that is important to many of us. Doing what we can to ensure this is the case is of the utmost importance and should be high on your list of priorities when wanting to protect your home from the elements.

In line with UK legislation, the boiler in your home should be serviced annually. This helps to establish whether there is anything wrong with it and also provides a foundation from which to work should you have problems with your boiler that needs fixing.

Focusing on something like this ensures that you and any other occupants in your home are protected from the elements at all times. Not to mention, servicing your boiler and ensuring that it is in working order will also reduce the costs associated with fixing it upon breakdown.

Understandably, this piece has only highlighted a handful of the factors you should consider when protecting your home. Go forth and look over others, and make changes in your home that are sure to be useful.

Claire Preece