Need more beds for sleepy heads? Well, now you can sleep three kids in the floor space that would usually house a single bed with triple bunk beds.

Give your children’s bedrooms a makeover with the best triple bunk beds in 2021 – not only do they deliver a space-saving sleep solution for big families, but they also offer other benefits, such as helping to reduce levels of night-time anxiety.

Triple bunks – the possibilities are endless

The triple bunk bed is just what it says – a bunk bed designed to sleep three. But this rest time revelation can be so much more than a means to manage multi-story mattresses.

Triple bunks come in a range of configurations. They can be:

  • Three separate horizontal levels.
  • A single top deck with a double on the bottom.
  • A staggered horizontal top, L shaped middle and horizontal bottom.
  • Two distinct singles down below with a top bunk above.

Even better, most come with built-in storage such as under bed drawers, shelving, and even hidden storage in the steps.

Don’t think you need a triple bunk bed?

Oh yes, you do.

The obvious family units which would make the most of a triple-decker are those with triplets, ones with three kids around the same age and families with an older child plus twins (or two younger kids not too far apart in age).

But, think on. Siblings get on each other’s nerves – that’s just the human nature of youth. And we tend to assume, as a result of inbuilt conditioning, that children should always sleep in separate rooms.

Why kids benefit from sleeping in the same room

In fact, assuming that kids must have their own bedrooms is largely a modern phenomenon. For generations, children slept together.

Kids really like sleeping together too, for many reasons. And it’s a growing trend. Studies have shown that in households with two children or more, nowadays up to two-thirds share a room.

Anxious kids gain reassurance from spending the small hours with their siblings. Children develop a tribe-like mentality when sharing space, stuff and sleep time. They also work out how to sort out conflicts between themselves and develop bonds through pre-sleep chats and shared storytelling.

Triple bunk beds – open up your home

If all of your kids are in one room then it opens up possibilities for the rest of the house. You could use the spare bedroom as a playroom, a cinema room, or a study room where the children can gather together to complete their homework or take it in turns for some peaceful study.

If you have just one or two children, slumber parties with friends will be transformed with a triple bunk. Now you have the additional sleeping space needed for chums to stay over.

Tips for making the most of triple bunk sleeping

  • Establish expectations and sleeping / rising routines from the outset.
    • Rules are important. We all know kids can play up when the lights go off and they have an audience of siblings, particularly with new arrangements.
    • They’ll also wake up at different times so inform children what to do when they do – read a book, play on a quiet game or wake mum and dad etc.
  • If necessary, have a rota for who goes where and when – top, middle, bottom etc – to avoid arguments.
  • Add shelves adjacent to the upper levels.
    • To avoid night time wanderings, a storage place for water bottles, inhalers and whatever might be needed during the night is a good idea.
  • Attach some push on / off LED spotlights to the bed or the wall
    • These are great for reading in bed, and you don’t want to run the risk of dark toilet trips via the ladder during the night.

Triple bunk beds come in all manner of layouts, styles and sizes. You’ll find the perfect option to fit your kids, lifestyle and space just perfectly.

Claire Preece