We spend so much time in our homes, yet we don’t always notice when there are problems with it. It’s easy to become blind to certain issues, including things as simple as whether or not your house is fresh.

This might not seem like a particularly big deal, but if not dealt with properly, it can lead to damp, mould, and various other problems. This can be particularly troublesome in the winter, which is why it’s wise to consider these strategies and ensure your home is as fresh as ever.

Clean Thoroughly And Regularly

It can be a lot of effort to clean your home sometimes. However, if you let things slide in winter, things will start to lose their freshness very quickly.

To avoid this from happening, follow these cleaning tips. You want to be sure to wash your sheets and clothes weekly and to hoover the floor just as often too. You should also clean the bathroom thoroughly and regularly, as this is the part of the house that can be most problematic in winter. If anywhere is going to affect the freshness of your home, it’s here.

Briefly Open Your Windows

Opening your windows probably doesn’t sound like an appealing thing to do in the winter. However, even if it is cold outside, it’s still important to get fresh air circulating around your home. That’s why it’s advised that you open your windows for around ten minutes or so a few times a day.

By doing this, you help to prevent germs from recirculating and moisture from settling on your walls. The more time you spend at home in winter, the more of a problem this can be, so doing what you can to eliminate this issue is a necessity. Plus, if you only open the windows for ten minutes at a time, the temperature inside isn’t going to become uncomfortably cold.

Use An Air Purifier

If you want the air in your home to be fresh and clean, the smart thing to do is buy an air purifier. These are designed to remove contaminants in the surrounding area and improve the air quality, which is precisely what you need this winter.

If you want to learn more about these devices, as well as other products designed to improve the air around you, then visit They have all the advice, tips, and tricks you could need to know about purifiers, dehumidifiers, and just generally keeping the air in your home as fresh as can be.

Deal With Leaks

Winter weather isn’t usually anything to write home about, especially when you live in the UK. Rain is annoyingly common, which isn’t ideal if your property isn’t completely protected against the elements.

It’s best to check for any leaks in your house, particularly in the roof or around pipes. If you have any and don’t deal with them, this will soon lead to damp and mould. Understandably, a fresh house is one that’s free of such fungi, so ensuring that it can’t thrive in your home is vital.

Introduce Plants

A fresh home isn’t one that just smells nice. It’s also one that looks appealing and feels alive every time you walk through the door.

If you think your home feels a bit stale this winter, it might be worth introducing some plants to your décor. These houseplants are relatively low-maintenance and don’t just bring some colour to your place, but also boast a lot of health benefits too. Their healing properties could prove incredibly useful when the cold weather starts to make you feel rundown.

Plus, if you find ones that smell nice, they can combat any potential funk that might be festering in your home this season.

Keep The Heating Low

It can be tempting to put the heating on full blast throughout winter to try and combat the intense cold outside. However, doing this could prove problematic for the freshness of your home. That’s because too much heat can potentially cause a lot of condensation, especially if your windows aren’t well insulated. This can also lead to damp and mould, which is probably the thing you most want to avoid at this time of year.

It’s best to keep the heating as low as you can without it making your home uncomfortable. There are plenty of other ways you can stay warm if you’re worried about freezing over, including wearing thicker clothes – in several layers – and snuggling up with a blanket or two.

A fresh home is a happy home, and a healthy one too. Given how much time you’re probably going to spend in yours this winter, it’s essential that you find ways to ensure that it stays this way. You don’t deserve to live somewhere that could potentially make you ill.

Claire Preece