Throughout the course of almost all of 2020, most people’s lives changed immeasurably. Never before had we seen such a fundamental change in our basic lives with schools, shops, restaurants, pubs, all leisure facilities and more closed and everyone being encouraged to work from home. Through a desire to protect ourselves and our loved ones, we found our behaviours changed and more of us started shopping online. There was a real need for this in that many of the physical shops were closed, but even when they were open, there was more of a reluctance to go in person anyway.

The home improvement industry in particular was one such area that had a huge shift online. Not only was it necessary if anyone wanted to buy anything for their home as they simply couldn’t get it elsewhere, but there was an increased focus on making our homes look good. Many people had a lot more time on their hands and were spending most of it at home so there was a very real focus in DIY and home improvements. Companies such as Internal Doors UK have seen a real boom, and they aren’t the only ones. Let’s look at the top reasons why the home improvement industry is moving online:


The majority of those wanting to buy products for the home have a way of being online, whether it’s via a smart phone or a home computer of some kind. This means that more people than ever before can shop online, in the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them. This ease of use is driving more people to use websites rather than visiting physical shops.


Showrooms can be expensive to operate, certainly if they need to be of a sufficient size to showcase all that a company can offer. This means that many retailers have a small selection in their stores only, with the rest of the range being viewed online anyway. It is therefore unlikely you would ever see a full range of products in a physical store and would have to browse online anyway meaning you may as well cut out the step of going to the shop!


Online retailers are much easier to compare in price than ever before so they need to remain competitive. As such, you are far more likely to pay a better price when you shop online without needing to compromise on quality.


It is very easy to assess how reliable a supplier is when it is online thanks to the availability of review sites and other ways to read honest assessments of their service. This way, you can ensure you won’t be subjected to a sub-standard service by your provider as you can check it out beforehand.


Retail websites these days are so much easier to use than they were in the past as the creators of such sites understand how people shop a lot better these days. Sites are easier to browse, with plenty of options to look through and the buying process is safe and secure too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your DIY shopping done online today!

Sam Allcock