Tips to cut your electric bill in half

Every homeowner wants to provide a comfortable environment in their home. Using heating devices in winter and air conditioning in summer can affect your utility bills. In order to keep warm during the winter cold and not overpay for heating and other services, try to follow these recommendations:

  • replace your lamps with energy-saving ones;
  • keep curtains open during the day and close at night (the sun will heat your rooms and the heat will not escape through the curtains at night);
  • air dry your laundry instead of using a tumble dryer.

Remember to check your windows from time to time. This will help you identify mold and cracks early on. If your folds stop opening easily, hurry to Chameleon-Decorators. Our experts will carry out the restoration of your window, and you will be able to continue to use your glass unit for many years.

Draught-proof your home

When there are strong wings, it gets colder in your house. A deformed window allows drafts to pass through, so it is necessary to restore the damaged area. The company at Chameleon Decorators uses modern draft control systems.

Windows are sealed around the perimeter. Thanks to this, your rooms will become not only warmer, but also quieter. You will not notice the usual dust on their surfaces – your window will prevent dirt from entering from the street.

Install secondary glazing

Many people think that double glazing can only be installed together with a new window. But this is not the case. Most often, sashes with additional glass are placed on an existing double-glazed unit. The structure is mounted on a frame made of wood. This allows to increase the lifespan of your window without changing its appearance. The updated functionality and vintage style of the window will make your home much better.

Timber window is draughty

Experts offer various insulation solutions. You can install secondary glazing. It increases the level of sound insulation and safety. The folds don’t open from the outside, which reduces the likelihood of intruders entering. Your windows will retain their original beauty, and the value of your home will remain the same. Consider timber windows restoration before replacing your glass unit completely.

Upgrade your curtains

Not every modern design includes the use of curtains. They represent not only beautiful, but also functional elements of the interior. Curtains help to cut energy usage. At night, you will be able to make your room more aesthetic by closing the curtains completely. Cold air will not penetrate thick fabric. Additionally, you can install blinds on your windows, which also retain heat.

If you don’t want to spoil the beauty of your house, check how well your windows are preserved. Deformed frames will worsen the aesthetics of your interior and will lead to your premises getting cold. You will need a glass unit refurbishment. Regularly inspecting your windows and following simple tips can help lower your heating bills and make your rooms much warmer.

Claire Preece