Hardwood floors are of many types and varieties. Engineered hardwood floors are also one of them. Engineered hardwood floors have been around for a long time now and they are very popular among people and for a good reason. They are stronger and more durable than regular hardwood floors. So, if you are considering buying engineered hardwood floors for your house, then here are some things you need to consider beforehand.

1. The Dimensions Of The Wood

The most important thing when it comes to buying engineered wood flooring is the dimensions of the wood. This depends on the size of your room and how much wood you will need to fill up the entire floor perimeter. The average size of an engineered wood plank is 3 inches in width and 3 feet in length. You should be aware of the number of planks you will need to fill up your room. This is a rough idea but it is good to know beforehand so that you can set a budget for it.

2. Environmental Factors To Consider

Wood is a natural material and it is environmentally friendly, but there are still some things you should keep in mind about wood flooring when buying them. You should make sure that there aren’t any carbon components in the wood, usually it says on the label. You should also make sure that the wood has limited traces of volatile organic compounds or VOCs because this can be released in the air and lead to pollution and allergies. You should always be mindful where you take your wooden floors from. They should have an environmentally friendly label on them. It’s better to do your due research before committing to one brand. 

3. Resistance To Moisture

Moisture is the most dominant aspect of damaging wood. Water and moisture should be kept at bay from engineered wood floors as it can lead to damage and formation of molds and fungus. This doesn’t only look bad but it can lead to a lot of health issues as well. You have to see, when shopping for wooden floors, that there is a protective coating on the wood which will help to seal the wood and prevent moisture from getting in. If there is no protection on the wood, then you have to go out of your way to seal it and finish it yourself.

4. The Finish Of The Wood

The finish of engineered wood floors also matters a lot. You can buy already treated wood planks, which have some sort of varnish or polish already applied on them, or you can go for untreated planks and you can treat them later after installation. There is no general rule of thumb when it comes to buying untreated or treated wood, some people prefer one over the other. Buying untreated wood can lead to some wear and tear during installation, while pretreated wood planks offer durability.  

Emily Bennet