An awning can be placed over the front door, over a number of windows, or maybe you can just put up a few freestanding ones in the garden, always ready to host garden parties and Sunday barbecues. There is no doubt that when it comes to choosing their awning, people in the UK are very selective, but they also are not known to shy away from putting up the shadings anywhere they can benefit by doing so.

This is an excellent habit, since not only do intelligent awning placements help in conserving energy, but if you are careful about selecting the right design and material, these shades can add a whole new dimension to your external décor, without the heavy maintenance that was characteristic of the classic awnings.

Décor and Functionality in One Gorgeous Package

In addition to keeping your home cool in the summer, awnings can make the exterior of your home look so much better. If you are looking for an awning UK manufactured, check out this awning provider that has made a name for themselves over the last three decades by providing high-quality, residential awnings. Go through the Nationwide Home Innovations catalogue of self-cleaning awnings to see if there is a product to suit you. They can work with you to provide bespoke, best-suited solutions designed specially to help your home’s exterior stand out for the right reasons.

Protection: Skin and Furniture

Awnings are inexpensive but beautiful installations that provide protection to all your window sills, patio furniture, decking, and pretty much everything else that these shades cover.

In fact, awnings with UV protection are highly recommended, especially if you live in a sunny part of the country and don’t mind having frequent, summer parties outside. The freestanding awnings are perfect for that, but only as long as the clothing/canvas is UV-protected. Given the high rate of skin cancer in UK, UV-protection is essential for preventing severe skin damage, as well as protecting outdoor furniture, which often fades and becomes brittle due to overexposure.

You Don’t Have to Clean Modern Awnings Anymore

Perhaps the biggest deterrent to installing awnings at one point was the maintenance woes these installations came with. Cleaning them was a lot more difficult than cleaning curtains, not to mention a lot more important too! From bird droppings and leaves, to accumulated snow, awnings in their earliest versions were a serious maintenance issue.

This is no longer a problem, because self-cleaning awnings can pretty much keep themselves clean. That being said, don’t make the mistake of simply assuming that all modern awnings come with self-cleaning technology. Ask for the feature and ensure the provider is capable of supplying and installing the self-cleaning models you want.

Based on the external design language of a particular house, the awnings should also be chosen in rhythm. Never go for the generic, readymade solutions which are frequently sold at heavy discounts. Just like everything else about your home, the awnings should also be tailor made and customised to suit the specific needs of your home’s exterior décor.

Claire Preece