New environmental disasters and an increased focus on reducing the impact that humans have on the planet has led many companies to evaluate their firm’s environmental footprint.

One of the biggest producers of emissions is the corporate world. It’s not just big conglomerates with huge headquarters that are the problem: even small companies with just one office have an impact on the environment and need to consider how they can reduce this.

For those businesses that are concerned about the impact their office is having on the planet, here are 5 surprising ways you can make it more environmentally friendly without putting in too much effort.

  • Use Motion Sensor Lighting In Communal Areas

Busy employees often forget to turn off the lights, particularly in communal areas that aren’t used all day, such as break rooms. To reduce the amount of wasted energy your firm uses, try installing monitor activated lighting in these areas. This will help the environment and reduce your office’s power bill, making it an all-round winner!

  • Hire Environmentally Conscious Service Providers

When hiring outsourced service providers, such as cleaners, you need to search for firms with a strong environmental policy. Ideal Cleaning is an example of a professional cleaning company that can provide you with a clean workspace without giving you a guilty conscience. Visit idealcleaning to view the firm’s environmental policy, accreditations and full list of quality services.

  • Introduce Plants To Your Office

Plants are great for the planet and your office environment, so you should try introducing some into your workspace. Find a hardy plant that is suited to the office environment, so that you and your team can keep it alive and thriving with minimal effort. Not only do plants benefit the environment by releasing oxygen, but they also improve mood and make your office look fresh and green, meaning there’s no excuse not to introduce them into your workspace.

  • Go Paperless

I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, but if your office is still using paper and printing out documents, you should definitely stop. Getting rid of your printer and all paper will save you money and help you to reduce the waste your office produces. This might seem like a big change, but with a few adjustments you can help your company to significantly reduce its impact on the environment and preserve the earth for future generations.

  • Encourage Green Habits Among Staff

Your staff are one of the biggest contributors towards the carbon footprint of your office, but they’re also the ones who can change things. Encourage them to engage in environmentally friendly habits in and outside of work by providing green employee benefits. These could be anything from offering free metal water bottles through to organising a car share to bring people to work in fewer vehicles. Every small action by your team will have a big effect on the environment and reduce the impact your office has on the planet.

Claire Preece