You’ve moved into your ‘forever home’ and it’s absolutely perfect. Yet why does it feel like it’s not quite ‘finished’ yet? You suddenly notice there are blank walls that could use an injection of personality, clutter that just doesn’t really have a place, and you get vibes of ‘work in progress’ coming from all over the place. 

If you’re looking to make some changes without starting from scratch or maxing out your credit card, here are four super easy small decor changes that will make you love your home even more. 

Add Houseplants 

If your house has a noticeable lack of green, you’re missing out. Houseplants add life to your decor, can be super cheap, and they also have a health benefit: they remove volatile organic compounds commonly found in your average home, essentially acting as natural air purifiers. 

And if you think they’re far too much work, you’d be wrong. Sure, there are some plants that will require consistent TLC, but there are also many low-maintenance houseplants. They’re classed as ‘hard to kill’, which is ideal for those of us with busy lives and forgetful natures. 

Minimalist Seasonal Decor  

Okay, this one may seem a little contradictory. The decor changes are meant to be small and inexpensive, yet I’m telling you to decorate for the season? Stick with me. You can do this on the cheap and without disrupting the general look and feel of your home. 

Whether you’re decorating for Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, adding even one or two elements to signify the holiday you’re celebrating will give your home a boost in atmosphere. That’s all it takes. 

Fairy lights, for example, are a great way of saying “It’s Christmas!” without breaking the bank. For Halloween, get a few pumpkins but don’t waste; cook with the leftovers. I also love this tip: use seasonal pillow covers to avoid clutter

Say “No!” to Blank Walls 

Many of us really struggle with knowing what to do with walls. We paint them, and that’s it. Maybe a painting or two. What else can you do? The answer: lots. Walls are a blank canvas, let your creativity go wild here. 

Yes, by all means, go with paintings or framed posters. But alternative decorations are just as nice. Think of making them personal: a piece of art you did in high school, a framed heartfelt letter from a friend, mirrors that bounce light, or a set of shelves to organize and display objects that have meaning to you. 

Use Height to Your Advantage 

Home decor tips often seem to be geared towards people with huge houses. But if your city apartment is smaller than the average suburban master bedroom, these tips are more useful for daydreaming than anything else. 

If you have an acute square footage problem, think about using height to your advantage. There’s so much you can do with the vertical, it’s very much underused when it comes to home decor. 

Look up. See all of that unused space? There’s opportunity there. Think suspended light fixtures or hanging plants. Or think about using high shelves (this post from Apartment Apothecary showcases this strategy really nicely). 

Be the Boss of Your Clutter 

Shoes littering the entrance of your home, clothes draping every chair. Too many keepsakes on your mantle, books stuffed into every shelf. Diagnosis: you have a clutter problem. 

It’s time to become the boss of your mess. Clutter isn’t just annoying, it can also lead to a cluttered mind. Your home is no longer a sanctuary, but adds to the anxiety of daily life. 

Here’s what you can do. First, look up the KonMari Method and get rid of what you don’t need (give it to charity for that extra feel good boost!). Create designated spaces for things (no, a chair for clothes doesn’t count). Ideally, use ‘concealed’ storage to keep things looking clean and tidy. 

Keep Things “You”

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this guide, it’s this: no matter what, keep things “you”. Don’t try and emulate an interior you found on Pinterest or Instagram, avoid buying extra expensive things to impress others (just being you is good enough for anyone!), and don’t be ashamed to like quirky and unorthodox things. 

Remember, your home is for you and your family. Not for the Joneses. Let your creativity loose, buy the things you like, and enjoy the process. There’s no good or bad design here. The aim is for your home to become yours.

Shelby Grey