Granite is a very useful material that can come in handy for all sorts of reasons. The most popular uses of granite are worktops, flooring, and gravestones. A granite worktop in a kitchen has the potential to really elevate a room and it can make your kitchen feel modern and fresh. Another advantage to using granite is that it is such a sturdy material, so you can be assured that whatever you use it for, the granite will hold up over time. So, because the granite is so sturdy when working with the material, you will need certain tools to help you cut and process it. Within this article we will go through a list of some of these tools that are used, so stick around if you want to find out more.

Diamond Contour Blades

The first tool we are going to discuss is a diamond contour blade. As the name suggests, this tool is used for contouring the granite to that you can cut curves into the stone. If you want to create a granite countertop or sink, then this blade will be the best option for you. For a countertop or a sink, you will definitely need a smooth surface and round corners so that it looks presentable in a home. As mentioned in the introduction, one of the main uses for granite is often countertops within the kitchen, so if you are planning on making one, then it would be a good idea to get a diamond contour blade. This way you can get those nice smooth corners and high-quality finish.

Diamond Circular Saw Blades

Next on the list is a diamond circular saw blade. This type of blade is used for big projects as the blade will be able to saw through large pieces of granite without any issue. If you have got a big project planned that involves a lot of granite, then this would definitely be worthwhile. It would also be a good idea to check out granite tools sold by Amastone. That way you will have all the tools your need to complete your project to a high quality. You need a tool that can make your job easier and ensure that you can make precise and clean cuts through the granite. Another good this about this tool is that it can be used on other materials too. So, if your project involves things like ceramic, marble, or porcelain, you can use this tool to cut through any of them.

Table Saw

When working on big projects, a table saw might be one of the most important things you need. A table saw will come in handy when you need to make any sort of cuts, but you must ensure that you have a diamond saw blade installed so you can cut through granite. As soon as you have the diamond blade installed, you can start cutting and processing the granite. Particularly if you are short of time for your project, having a table saw will be a super useful tool to have as it can make cuts quickly and efficiently. The good thing about having a table saw is that you can switch out the blades, meaning you can cut a whole range of materials.

Circular Saw

If you are needing a tool to work on personal projects, then a circular saw could be a great option for you. A circular saw is a useful handheld tool that can come in handy when you need to make some precise cuts. Because the saw is handheld, it means you have better control over the blade and therefore you can angle and cut with the saw in whichever way is needed. Many people think that a handheld saw will not be able to deliver as smooth cuts as other saws, but this is not the case. The circular saw will still be able to deliver smooth, clean cuts through any material, including granite.

Polisher And Grinder

Once you have taken the time to shape and cut the granite, you will need a tool to give it the finishing touches. A polisher and grinder is the best tool to use for this as the variable speeds of the tool means that you can get a smooth finish to the granite. Particularly if you are working on a kitchen countertop, you will need to use a polisher and grinder to ensure that the countertop looks high-quality and is ready to be used. Like the circular saw, the polisher and grinder are handhelds too, meaning that you can get a better angle and focus more clearly on the finish of the granite. Furthermore, because you can adjust the speed, you will have full control over the machine which allows you to create a smooth countertop.

Claire Preece