Scaffolding is a temporarily erected work platform structure that you can find in many workplaces, especially on construction sites. Used for holding people and materials, scaffolds make working in hard-to-reach areas such as at extreme heights make very convenient. Available in different types and configurations, scaffoldings meet a wide range of purposes efficiently. However, it is necessary to make the job site safe with timely inspections of all equipment and structures. If you want to get the scaffolding inspected properly, you must hire an experienced and reliable scaffolding London agency.

Scaffolding inspection is a legal requirement

Scaffoldings expose workers to the hazards of working at heights. Work-related accidents that lead to critical injuries and even deaths were an alarming source of concern in the UK for many years. The UK government and other responsible organisations have been making dedicated efforts to reduce the number of workplace accidents. That is exactly where the importance of scaffolding inspections comes in. The Work at Height Regulations Act 2005 clearly states that it is legally mandatory for all scaffolding to undergo inspection. This Act plays a very vital role in ensuring the safety of the workers and public who make use of scaffolding.

Scaffolding inspection – An overview

After the installation of scaffolding, you need to conduct an inspection before it is used. This type of inspection checks the safety and security of the structure in a detailed way. It should be conducted by a certified and licensed scaffolding London agency. After the preliminary inspection, the appointed agency comes back to perform a follow-up inspection within a week to ensure that everything stays intact without any faults and accidents.

New scaffolding inspections are needed only when developments like a bad storm occur that adversely affect the integrity or an accident that disturb the stability of scaffolding. In such a situation, you need to hire a scaffolding Essex agency immediately to check for damages or faults.

Scaffolding inspection report

Responsible agencies in London experienced inspectors to perform this task. The inspectors will fill an in-depth report of findings during the scaffolding inspection. You need to keep this report as the official record of the inspection performed. It clearly states whether your scaffolding is secure and ensures smooth and safe operation.

The inspection report contains:

– The name and address of the person who hired the scaffolding

– The name and position of the scaffolding inspector

– The inspection time and date

– A small description of the location

– In-depth information about the defects, faults, and potential risk factors.

The inspector also adds details of the further action required.

Who can perform scaffolding inspections?

Inspectors need to have the necessary training, license, knowledge, and experience to perform the inspection. Most people in the UK hire a trusted scaffolding London agency to get the job done using skilled professionals. Reliable service providers send only CISRS-certified inspectors to perform scaffolding inspections.

There are many different types of independent inspection agencies available in London. You can also come across companies that design, erect and inspect their scaffolding nowadays. When it comes to choosing a scaffolding inspection agency in London, you need to make an informed decision after assessing the quality of services offered by different companies.

Sam Allcock