Getting a quality roof replacement or installation is a great investment for your home. The roof is an important aspect of your house since it protects you from elements.  No two roofers are the same, meaning you need to take your time and learn some things before hiring your roofing contractor. Finding the right roofers can be tricky. Before you put your roofers security in the hands of any contractor in Manchester, you need to be aware of these five essential things to help.

  1. Their physical office

Does your prospective roofer have an office in your location? A contractor with no physical office in your locality is a major concern. Sometimes you may not reach your contractor via calling or email and choose to visit their office. If such an instance happens, it is easier to visit a roofer whose office is ‘just around the corner from your home.

Please inquire from the prospective contractor about their full physical address and the members of their team. If the office is miles away from where you live, consider moving on and search for a different contractor.

  1. Their references and previous work samples

Having an experienced and skilled roofer is a must if you want to have great results. Having a contractor who specializes in your roofing preferences is even better. To ensure that your contractor has the right skills for the job, you should ask them for their previous work samples. Through their work samples, you will see the various projects they have worked on and even gauge their work quality. Most roofers have websites with their portfolios there for you to see.

You should also ask for references from their previous clients and reach out to them. It provides the opportunity to hear from their previous clients how their experience was interacting with the prospective roofers and recommend them to you for the job.

  1. Their insurance and license

Insurance is an important factor to consider when choosing your roofing company. It gives both parties peace of mind by protecting you and the roofer as well. It ensures that if an accident occurs and your contractor gets hurt while installing your roof, the roofing company the roofer works under will provide the compensation. It will also spare you from large medical bills in case of injury. Having a roofer with no insurance is unwise since you may be liable for any injuries sustained in your home.

Every roofing contractor should have and carry a license. A license is the only proof you have that the potential roofer passed all legal and industry requirements and is legally allowed to work on your roof. To be a licensed roofer, one goes through formal training and must pass multiple tests. Such a roofer is less likely to make mistakes, meaning that they will do an amazing job on your roofing.

  1. Their quotations

More often than not, people rush and let contractors work on their roofers only to get frustrated later since they feel overpriced. Even when roofing your house, you must have set a certain budget apart for this activity. Therefore, before choosing your contractor, you should first ask each of the prospects to send you a quotation of their desired payment. From there, you can compare them and choose the one that truly favors you.

Ensure that the quotation you go with is not suspiciously low or high. It should be reasonable and affordable. Consider the price alongside other factors such as references, license, professionalism, and more.

  1. Their service and communication

Knowing the credentials and expertise is important, but what is most necessary is working with your contractor. Look for a roofer you can communicate with easily and takes pride in providing outstanding and quality service. Therefore, you will be working alongside them; therefore, having a roofer that values service and is easy to create a great rapport with is essential.

It is important that both you and the roofer can communicate efficiently together. You can gauge this through your interactions with them as you explain what you want from them. The references can also give insight on if it is easy to communicate with them.


Choosing the right professional roofer to handle needs is no easy task. Using the five things listed, you use them to help you make your decision. Please make a list of all possible roofers and do thorough research on them using the five above-listed key things.

Sam Allcock