From giving you endless stories to tell and helping you learn about different cultures, to meeting new people and spending quality time with your loved ones, going on holiday is one of the most enriching and memorable experiences life can offer.

To help preserve these memories once we return home, most of us document our trips by taking photos — the average person takes 14 selfies a day on holiday alone. Unfortunately, over time, many of these photos become buried ever deeper in the depths of our camera rolls or cloud storage.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some of the best things you can do with your holiday snaps upon returning home.

Frame them

The most archetypal way of displaying your photos, but perhaps the best. By printing out your holiday photos and framing them around your home, you’re constantly reminded of the fun you had, helping you to remember the good times every single day. This also means you get to show off your trips to friends when they visit your home.

It is possible to do this on the cheap, but getting your photos professionally printed prevents them from being pixelated. It’s also worth considering professional framing too. As Soho Frames notes: “Home framing presents a host of challenges and unless completed with skill, can damage the artwork. It’s always better to let a professional framing company produce the perfect frame in order to truly ensure it’s built correctly and expertly, and lasts a long time.”

Create a photo album

There are only so many holiday photos you can have around the house. However, this doesn’t mean some of the more underrated gems can’t find a home outside of your camera roll. A photo album is another classic way of storing pictures.

There are so many great photo albums on the market in a range of different colours, materials and layouts. Some even come with adhesive pages for extra convenience, while blank photo albums give you extra scope for creativity in your display, for instance if you want to add custom decorations and captions. In fact, you may even want to create your own photo album from scratch to really get your creative juices flowing and make it unique.

Print your photos onto items

A really cool and quirky way to make the most of your holiday photos is to have them printed on different items. Let’s look at a few examples for inspiration.

Postage stamps – It’s now possible to turn your photos into postage stamps! This helps you add a personal touch to your letters and is a fun way of preserving your snaps.

Mugs – Custom cups are all the rage, so why not ensure your trip lives long in the memory by creating a personalised mug featuring your holiday snaps?

Puzzles – If you’re looking to turn your photos into a gift, then you could transform them into a puzzle! This is an entertaining present that can also be displayed like a photo once completed.

Other items you may want to print your photos on include t-shirts, key rings, cushions and aprons.

Claire Preece