The location of a property is frequently the first decision you make when considering a property purchase. A lot of people dream of a home on the coast. The sounds of the ocean, a cool breeze, beautiful beaches, and the picturesque sight of tranquil waters all sound like a fantasy.

In order to prevent buyer’s remorse, you should also take into account all the relevant variables and concerns and use this as your guide while making your purchase. Estate & letting agents in Tewkesbury offer some suggestions on things to think about when purchasing a coastal home to help you make the best decisions.

Promising areas:

Normally, you’d anticipate paying a premium to live near the sea, particularly in popular locations for vacation homes like Kent and South Devon. But if you choose a location that is developing but hasn’t yet reached its popularity, you can find a deal whose value will soar in the coming years.

For instance, Bideford in North Devon is cheaper than comparable villas on the English Riviera in the South West, while Broadstairs in the South East is an attractive substitute for Dover and Margate since it is just 1.20 hours by high-speed rail from London. Withernsea in East Yorkshire and Amble in Northumberland are two locations to live if you’re searching for a cheap place in the north.

Construction materials and the foundation:

Your primary priority should be to make your seaside home as weatherproof as you can because coastal homes are frequently exposed to severe weather, such as strong winds and hurricanes.

It might be wise to opt for a home that is elevated above the ground if your neighbourhood is prone to flooding or storm surges. The best building materials for seaside residences are those that can withstand dampness, high temperatures, and wind. Natural durable materials like wood and concrete provide the best building materials for houses in coastal environments.

The durability of windows:

“Impact windows” should be the first two words that spring to mind when thinking of seaside residences. If you want to be protected against wind-borne waste and wind impact during storms, hurricanes, and powerful winds, invest in a home with sturdy impact windows.

In beachfront homes, consider impact glass for the entrances as well since sliding patio doors and French doors are frequently constructed of glass. If the windows or doors in your home don’t have high-impact glass, think about getting them upgraded as soon as you move in. This safeguards your house, decreases insurance costs, increases the energy efficiency of your building, and lowers noise levels.

Coastal proximity:

Despite the increasing demand for coastal homes with views, you could be better off picking a home that is not immediately on the shore. For instance, a beach house on the desirable Kent coast typically sells very rapidly and is a minimum 50% above the identical house inland. If you choose a property that is located back a few kilometres from the front, you will probably receive more for your money. An oceanfront property could also cost extra to insure.

Living near the ocean increases the value of your home when you decide to sell it and is practical if you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach. However, waterfront homes are more susceptible to flooding. If your home is built with the best materials, the flood danger might be reduced.

Area for outdoor living:

Most certainly, enjoying the outdoors is one of your main motivations for purchasing a seaside house. As a result, you must make certain that your residence includes a patio or porch that leads outside. Additionally, you might look for water views, ideally in a less congested area.

Some houses have swimming pools and outdoor recreation areas. Even though they are pricey, if you prioritise enjoying the outdoors, they may be worthwhile.

Closing thoughts on purchasing a coastal property:

When purchasing real estate, market timing is essential. It is preferable to buy real estate when leverage is high, whether you are writing a check or qualifying for a mortgage. This frequently occurs when real estate values are low, and economies are just beginning to recover, which is the present crisis as individuals recoup from the financial upheaval caused by the pandemic’s lockdown.

Do not wait any longer to submit an offer if you have spotted the ideal seaside home. You might not be able to purchase the house if prices quickly soar.

Luke Johnson